Allah Chazá gives a house to a man in Santiago

The merenguero Emmanuel Jiménez known as “Alá Jazá”, joined Mr. “Bobolo”, known on social networks for his colorful personality, to fulfill his dream, who dreamed of having a house.

After learning about Bobolo’s life, the creator of “MamWali” wanted to fulfill his dream and delivered, earlier this week, what from now on will be the new home of the well-known character in the city of Corazón; The house also has household furnishings, indicates a statement.

“Today another dream in my life is fulfilled; Today Bobolo can sleep well at home, in a new bed. Today is a day to give thanks to God, “said Allah Chaza at the time of handing over the house.

For his part, Bobolo, who moved by the gift that Allah gave him along with the businessman Alberto Fernández, limited himself to saying jokingly that “here I only come out dead.” The delivery of the house was made in the city of Santiago and had the blessing of Father Lucas of the community.

Bobolo lived in a little house that did not have any conditions for a human being to live.