Alleged mechanic pretended to be a surgeon and operated on women in Colombia

A man in Colombia has been denounced by several women after having carried out Surgical procedures without a license and without training necessary. According to police investigations, it would be a false surgeon who, in reality, would have a profession as mechanics.

The local media El Heraldo reports that the victims have even presented deformations and even burns on parts of their bodies after having been operated on by the man, who has been identified as Juan Pablo Montoya Yepes. For now, the prosecution has ordered the closure of its premises called Corpos Stetic-Salud y Belleza.

One of the complainants stated that she paid 3 million Colombian pesos to remove fat from her body. During the proceedings, the Montoya Ypes applied a liquid that caused internal burns.

In statements to Blu Radio, he affirmed that he also received painful massages, for which he went to a health professional. He told her that she had fibrosis and that she was at risk of dying during the operation.

“He told me: ‘They didn’t kill you before, they didn’t kill you out of pain.’ (He said it) because of the fibrosis I had. I have photos, I have conversations with the doctor about how the process begins ”, he said.

“The procedures were done raw, they didn’t take my pulse or anything, as in the aesthetic clinics really, they didn’t put serum, just a green liquid that burned me inside and some jars where they deposited the fat that one practically threw away ”, he explained.

For its part, the Secretary of Health of Ibagué, where the fake surgeon clarified that Montoya Yepes did not appear in the RETHUS, the Registry of Human Talent in Health.

Given this, Colonel Axel Venegas urged other victims of the alleged mechanic to formally denounce him in order to remove him from circulation and initiate a criminal prosecution.