Allison Pastor reveals what made her fall in love with Erick Elera: “I won the lottery with him”

Erick Elera and Allison Pastor are one of the most stable couples in show business. They have been married for 6 years and show off their love on social networks. The popular “Fish Face” received compliments from the mother of his second son, who drools with love for him.

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The former member of ‘This is war’ opened the question box in Instagram. A user wanted to know what he likes about the also singer. With the sincerity that characterizes her, he replied: “What I fell in love with my beautiful husband are her eyes, eyebrows, lips and her face,” he said in a video.

It is noted that Allison She is very much in love with the actor who plays ‘Joel González’ in the series ‘Al fondo hay sitio’. “I love everything about him, I love and fascinate. Daddy!” She added. She then answered her what she admires about him. “He is a hard-working man, from home, a good father, I have won the lottery with him. I love him with all my soul, I am happy to be his wife,” the 27-year-old concluded.

After posting these videos on instagramyour son Luke He complained to his mother why she says all those things to his dad and not to him. “He got jealous,” said the dancer, who in 2021 participated in the program “El Gran Show” hosted by Gisela Valcárcel.

YOU CAN SEE: Erick Elera more in love than ever with Allison Pastor: “He loves my daughter as if she were his own”

Allison Pastor has a new project with her husband Erick Elera

Happy and excitedAllison Shepherd He shared with his thousands of followers the birth of his new “son”. He has just inaugurated the second location of his women-only gym in Pachacamac. “A new project @powergympachac and let’s go for more projects together @erickeleraoficial”.

In addition, he has in mind to open a third location in another district of Lima. For this reason, she asked users for help to advise her where she could put it. “Tell me where you would like the new gym to open,” said the fit businesswoman.