Alondra García Miró forgets Paolo Guerrero: Who is the man with whom he traveled to Europe? [VIDEO]

Another love? Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró have not been seen together for a few months, so the rumors of their breakup have increased, but still none have come out to clarify their sentimental situation. However, recent publications green-eyed they would show that indeed their love story It ended a while ago and was shown together with a mysterious heartthrob who would have conquered his heart, here is more information.

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Who is the mysterious man with whom Alondra García Miró shines in Europe?

His name is Rodrigo Elijahand exchanged suspicious messages of love with the beautiful model Lark Garcia Miro, with words like “I love you” and “love”, which would show that they would be more than friends. However, it was the host of América Hoy, Ethel Pozo, who assured that perhaps it would only be a very good friend of the still couple of Paolo Guerrero.

“She is in Greece and apparently, in addition to friends, she has good friends. When you are single, there are the gallants,” said the presenter after seeing the actress’s message to her apparent friend: “Love u with all my heart.”

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Would Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró have ended their relationship?

Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró would no longer be a couple, and the program of love and fire He took out records of the dates in which neither has been seen next to the other since the footballer has arrived in the country and less when he signed with his new Brazilian club. In addition, it was shown that the couple has not been seen together since the beginning of this 2022.

Paolo Guerrero He arrived in Peru on May 18, but he did not see Alondra García Miró, who on that same date, posted a coffee and tagged his friends, with whom he has been going out very often, without the presence of the ‘Predator‘. While on May 20, the model was seen entering her friends department and after several hours she left alone at dawn.

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What does Alondra García Miró currently do?

Lark Garcia Miro After moving away from television, she concentrated 100% on her career as a model and came to work with major national and international brands. A few weeks ago, Lark He told his followers through his social networks that he was on an important red carpet at a fashion event in the United States.

But that’s not all, on his official Instagram account he also reveals that he has worked as an image for Saga Falabella, Pantene, Puma and other brands. Let us remember that during all this time García has established himself as an influencer, since to date he has more than 3 million followers.

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How do Doña Peta and Alondra García currently get along?

Magaly Medina maintained during her nightly program that the relationship between Dona Peta and Alondra Garcia would have been affected by the alleged breakup, because on the birthday of the mother of Paul The model was not seen in the photographs because she left before the footballer’s arrival.

“But this is no longer from now (the crisis or separation of Paolo and Skylark), even on Doña Peta’s birthday, she appeared at one point only apparently to greet her and left just before she arrived Paolo Guerrero and that is strange again because Alondra García Miró and Doña Peta were nail and dirt, “said the popular ‘Urraca’.

Alondra García Miró would no longer have much contact with Doña Peta, after the alleged break with Paolo Guerrero.

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How did Marisol Aguirre and Alondra García Miró get along?

In 2017, Lark Garcia Miro was in the public eye because he had a relationship with Christian Meier. Although the relationship lasted barely half a year, everyone began to wonder if it was the great age difference that caused the breakup and how the young model got along with the actor’s ex.

According to the actress Marisol Aguirredid not meet Lark because he never had a conversation with her, but he thought she was a very pretty girl and thanked her for the relationship she had with her daughters. “I did not meet her, but I do remember that she was very nice to my daughters, she always picked them up and took them to lunch. I always thanked her,” said the protagonist of “Gorrión” in an interview with El Comercio.

The popular

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How do Mario Irivarren and Alondra get along after their breakup?

Mario Irivarren during an interview revealed that he has no problems if one day he finds Lark Garcia Miro and even maintained that he would greet her but stressed that he does not maintain contact with her. In addition, he did not want to say what were the reasons for her breakup.

“I’m not interested in telling anyone why we broke up, it’s my personal life. We stayed for almost two years, we experienced good things and now I want to dedicate myself to work, I don’t think about a partner. It is a time to be alone,” said the ex-combatant.

Alondra García Miró squared Mario Irivarren in Combat

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Did Alondra García and Paolo Guerrero argue before?

in 2020Alondra García Miró He reappeared in “On everyone’s lips” to talk about his participation in the telenovela “I’ll find you again” and answered questions about his relationship with Paolo Guerrero. At that time, the “green-eyed” assured that they did not fight much.

“You fight with Paolo, you reconcile and you splash around… Alondra, does the same thing happen with your Paolo in real life?” asked Tula Rodríguez; what Lark Garcia Miro He replied: “Very little. To fight, almost never really”. In addition, she assured that they were calm and neither of them encouraged them to fight.

Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró also fought in 2015

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The time Alondra García Miró left Combate to travel with Paolo Guerrero

At the beginning of your relationship, Alondra García Miró and Paolo Guerrero They thought that there were no obstacles to stop them, so they did many crazy love things. One of them was the trip to Brazil that the model made for the Corinthians preseason, but did not ask for permission to produce the late Combate program. Let us remember that both met when the young woman was a reality girl.

“We had three days left to be together because he (Paolo) was leaving, so we said: ‘What do we do?'” Lark to later detail that the athlete proposed to travel together.

Mario Irivarren’s ex revealed that she did not think about it and quickly accepted, but assured that it was a mistake to have made the trip without asking permission from her work because she thought that no one would find out. The next day all the media spoke of his departure from the country together with Paolo Guerrero.

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The last Christmas that Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García spent together

Despite the fact that rumors insisted that perhaps Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró would have spent the holidays apart, some photographs in social networks They would confirm that the couple is closer than ever.

As is known, the green-eyed only shared a photograph with her Christmas tree and the footballer a series of stories on her account. Instagramhowever, they were ‘thrown out’ by the player’s own family.

The popular

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Paolo Guerrero would have asked Alondra to stop insisting on the wedding

According to sources close to the newspaper Trome, the possible ex-partner had a fight that separated them for a while, then when the captain of the Peruvian team returned to Peru, he would have asked Alondra García Miró to stop being “so intense.” with the theme of marriage.

After that, the waters became hot, so the model returned to live in the Barranco department without demanding that their relationship take the next step and both get engaged in marriage.

Paolo Guerrero would not agree with a possible wedding.

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Alondra García Miró reflected on Easter: “Let’s celebrate with sincere hearts”

the famous model Alondra García Miró se is in the middle of the public eye as a result of strong rumors of an alleged breakup with her partner Paolo Guerrero. However, the former reality girl has decided to ignore the comments and dedicate herself to reflecting on Easter like various artists.

This time, the popular Peruvian model Lark Garcia Miro He used his official Instagram account to share in his stories a thoughtful message about the Easter celebration that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus in the Catholic religion.

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