Alondra García Miró shines with Cartier gold and diamond jewelry valued at thousands of euros

In the edition of Wednesday, May 24, “Magaly TV – The Firm”, the host Magaly Medina exposed a note on accessories that various characters in show business usually use as a result of the watch that Paolo Hurtado gave Rosa Fuentes. In her note, Alondra García Miró appeared, who was surprised by what she uses.

According to the report, reporters from Medina they did an exhaustive investigation with the purpose of finding the brands and prices of each “taste” that each member of “Chollywood” gave themselves. However, when talking about Alondra Garciathey were left with their mouths open by the brand that it looks like and the amount that it costs.

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According to the announcer from Medina, García Miró would use accessories ranging from 11,000 euros to more than 48,000. This is because his bracelets are made of gold and several diamond inlays that he would use every time he walked through Spanish territory.

“She is a lover of jewelry, she even has her jewelery stone that she says she uses, but it is pure feint, nothing more because when she has to pose or go shopping through the streets of Madrid, she does it with elegance and posing with these jewels from the Finest brand ‘Cartier’. Look at that ring that would be made of yellow gold encrusted with 77 diamonds for 11,400 euros. She has posed with this rock on several occasions. And the one on the left hand wears a love bracelet, but we don’t know if it’s borrowed or there was been a gift from his ex Paolo Guerro, but we do have the fact that here are 205 diamonds with a total of 2 carats and that it is worth 48,300 euros”.

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Alondra García Miró sends a message to mothers for their day

Through social networks, Alondra García Miró could not help but get nostalgic when she remembered her deceased mother right at the “Mother’s day“, a date that was commemorated on May 14.

It was through his Instagram account that, Larkhe dedicated a message to heaven, leaving himself still very sad at the departure of his mother, who left in 2010.

“Kisses to heaven, pretty mommy. Thank you for being the light of my life. I miss you infinitely,” he initially expressed garcia miro.

Finally, he also took the opportunity to greet all the moms of his followers and/or the general public: “Happy day to all moms! To the blood moms, to the aunts who act as moms. To those who hope to be one day To the grandmothers who act as moms. To the pet moms and, above all, to the moms who are in heaven who take care of us from another dimension. Happy day to all! Thank you for filling our lives with unconditional love and for illuminating our ways”