Alondra Huarac, daughter of Nilver Huarac, reveals that she is confused with Belinda: “They don’t know how many times”

Nilver huarac He is one of the great figures of music in Peru; However, today, her name continues to sound not only because of her projects, but also because of the great talent of her daughter Alondra, who has stood out in the world of dance and modeling. Recently, the young woman attended the program En boca de todos and left everyone shocked by revealing that she is mistaken for Belinda.

During her participation in the sequence The Cloning Machine, Alondra Huarac appeared with an outfit and makeup very similar to the one that the naturalized Mexican Spanish singer usually wears; later he modeled in front of the cameras of América TV.

They don’t know how many times I’ve been told ‘you look like Belinda’ and I said ‘from where?’, until today they made me up, dressed me and I said ‘oh yes, I look alike’ ”, confessed the young woman, whose resemblance to Belinda was highlighted by the conductors Tula Rodríguez and Maju Mantilla.

Nilver Huarac’s daughter took advantage of her appearance on the set of En boca de todos to announce that this summer 2022 she will be teaching dance classes in various genres and specified that detailed information about the workshops can be found in her Instagram stories.

Alondra Huarac, the daughter of Nilver Huarac, is a teenager who stands out in the world of modeling. In August 2021, she became the winner of Miss Teen Huánuco and enthusiastically celebrated her triumph even though she only prepared for the beauty pageant a week in advance.

“Thank my dear Huánuco, my beautiful land, all its people for having supported me, my family, my friends, my mother, my father, who have been supporting me a lot,” he said after his victory.