Alondra Huárac takes the applause by dazzling to the rhythm of a sailor in the Miss Mesoamerica: “My beautiful Peru”

Alondra Huarac is the name of the renowned Peruvian producer Nílver Huárac and has been representing the Peru in style in the Miss Mesoamerica 2023 contest, where she already made her presentation. From the past monday march 13is competing under the ‘Miss Teen’ category and recently surprised by dazzling with a typical dance of our country.

Alondra is in El Salvador, the territory where the event takes place, and she chose a northern sailor, leaving those present speechless, who ended up giving her an ovation and filling her with applause.

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In the same way, the performance he had was shared through the social networks where hundreds of users left her good messages of approval when they saw her develop to the rhythm of one of the popular rhythms that characterizes the Peru.

“I am happier than ever, the emotion overwhelms me knowing that I will do the national dance of my beautiful Peru, the sailor”, he mentioned Lark Huarac moments before leaving the stage of the Miss Mesoamerica 2023.

It should be noted that the contest where the daughter of Nilver Huárac is presenting itself, will culminate this sunday march 19. Likewise, she is not the only Peruvian who stands out for the country, well, they are also maryori moran and Maruxawho are in the ‘Miss Petite’ and ‘Miss International’ categories, respectively.

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Alondra Huárac reveals that she is often confused with Belinda

Alondra Huárac is the daughter of producer Nílver Huárac and was invited a couple of months ago to the extinct program “En boca de todos”. She was part of a sequence and surprised everyone when she made a confession.

During her stay on the television set, she was subjected to the sketch ‘La máquina clonadora’ and the result was not expected by anyone, well, the hosts Maria Julia Mantilla and tula rodriguez They were speechless when they saw her identical to the Mexican singer Belinda.

Nevertheless, Lark She took the opportunity to make a confession that had to do with the result, because she indicated that it is not the first time that she has been confused with that artist: “They don’t know how many times they have told me: ‘You look like Belinda’ and I said: ‘Do you where from?’, until today they made me up, dressed me and I said: ‘Oh yes, I look alike'”.