Amanda Dudamel reveals who was her biggest competition in Miss Universe 2022: It was not miss USA

More than two weeks have passed since the Miss Universe 2022. Many netizens, personalities and experts believe that the result, which gave the winner to the miss usait was unfair. Amanda Dudamel was the favorite to take the crown, staying in the top 5 and losing to his similar USA. For this reason, the young favorite of missologist experts appeared on the Telemundo program “La mesa caliente”, a set in which she made surprising revelations about the beauty pageant.

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Amanda Dudamel revealed who her biggest competition was

The Venezuelan model Amanda Dudamel affirmed that the Miss Dominican Republic He was his biggest opponent in the Miss Universe 2022. “In the end, I only had a chance to congratulate her,” she commented on andreina martinez. In addition, they were able to talk for a while before the final gala.

“A dinner that we shared together and Andreina is truly a spectacular girl, very sweet too, and she was very focused on the competition. Really, from the day she arrived, she was impeccable, ”said Amanda Dudamel. “Without a doubt, I felt that Andreina was one of the strongest,” she added.

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Who is the couple of Miss Venezuela?

Daniel Roa It is the young man who has conquered the heart of Amanda Dudamel. His full name is Daniel Andrés Roa Farias. This is a 26-year-old tennis player who represents Venezuela in sports competitions. In 2020 he worked as a civil servant for a UK company.

Amanda Dudamel and Daniel Roa have been in a relationship for more than 7 years. Photo: composition LR/Fabrizio Oviedo

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Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe jury, denies that there has been fraud

the jury of miss Universe He came out to speak in front of the enormous controversy that arose after the coronation of miss usa. The winner of the 2010 edition denied all the accusations. “Each of the jurors voted differently, so it is the sum of those numbers, of those tenths, that makes one or the other win,” said the Mexican. “We are a jury voting on a computer (…) there is no way to move it or try to fix something, that is, they are numbers that are very clearly recorded, so there is no way that this is illegal or wrongly done,” he added. .

Fraud in the Miss Universe?  Ximena Navarrete, jury of the contest, provides a forceful response:

Photo: Millennium

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Nicolás Maduro is convinced that Amanda Dudamel should have won: “They stole our Miss Universe”

Faced with the victory of miss USA in Miss Universe, Nicolas Maduro He came out to ‘defend’ the representative of his country. “They stole our Miss Universe, Amanda Dudamel she won on the street, it can’t be a robbery like that, she’s from Petare, she does community work there,” argued the Venezuelan president.

“Amanda Dudamel won on the street, well, it can’t be a robbery like that, she is from Petare, she does community work there in Petare,” declared Nicolás Maduro. Photo: composition LR/AFP

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How old is Amanda Dudamel and where was she born?

Amanda Dudamel He is currently 23 years old. She was born on October 19, 1999 in Merida, Venezuela. She has lived in the capital of her country since 2021. She studied fashion design in Italy, at the Istituto Europeo di Design in the city of Rome. In addition, she specialized in fashion sustainability at London College Fashion.

Amanda Dudamel is 23 years old and was the first runner-up in Miss Universe 2023

Amanda Dudamel is 23 years old and was the first runner-up in Miss Universe 2023. Photo: composition LR/Amanda Dudamel/Miss Universe

Andreína Martínez, Miss Republic of Panama, gives her opinion on the winner of Miss Universe 2022

She reached the top 3 and was considered the biggest competition for Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela 2022. Andreína Martínez, Miss Dominican Republic also gave her opinion on Miss Universe, a beauty pageant that brought great controversy when crowning Miss USA as the brand new winner.

“So I think not, everyone made the decision they understood they should make, and I am happy with the winner, she is a spectacular woman who has a great platform, so I congratulate her,” said the young woman.

Miss Venezuela, Miss USA and Miss Dominican Republic

The finalists of Miss Universe 2022. Photo: capture of Miss Universe

Who is Miss Dominican Republic, Andreina Martínez?

One of the most prepared candidates in Miss Universe 2022 was Andreina Martínez, Miss Dominican Republic. Her intelligence, charisma, and beauty managed to capture the jury of the contest, who placed her in the top 5. During an interview, Amanada Dudamel, Miss Venezuela, said that the 25-year-old was her main opponent in this contest.

Not only does she work as a model, she also has a degree in Psychology and belongs to the Women’s Equality Center foundation, performing the role of operations coordinator and responsible for administrative and organizational support. In addition, Andreina Martínez completed internships in various US government agencies that fight in favor of different social causes, such as laws in favor of immigrants.

Amanda Dudamel was considered the biggest competition of Miss Venezuela

Amanda Dudamel was considered the biggest competition for Miss Venezuela. Photo: Capture of Miss Universe

Amanda Dudamel was comforted by her father Rafael Dudamel after the victory of Miss USA

The triumph of miss USA in the last Miss Universe did not leave many happy who considered that Amanda Dudamel should have been the winner. The representative of Venezuela was considered the favorite, but the jury made a very different decision.

And after knowing the results, the father of the beauty queen, Rafael Dudamel, was caught going on stage in this contest to comfort his daughter. The moment was a trend in social networks who congratulated the tender gesture.

Amanda Dudamel Reveals Why She Didn’t Hug Miss USA After Winning Miss Universe

The Miss Universe on January 14 continues to make people talk. This time, Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela, revealed why she did not hug the brand new winner R’Bonney Gabriel when she heard her name. The model assured that she had not heard clearly, so both were confused for several seconds.

Why Amanda Dudamel didn't hug R'Bonney Gabriel in the Miss Universe final?: she reveals it

Amanda Dudamel explains how she lived the moments when the winner of the Miss Universe was revealed. Photo: Composition LR/Broadcast

“We were very confused, we did hear USA, I got confused because for a moment I said: ‘I don’t understand what happened’, if I was the finalist and she told me the same thing, if they read our lips, we both said: ‘What happened'” , indicated.

Owner of Miss Universe denies fraud after victory of R’Bonney Gabriel

Given the controversy established due to the victory of R’Bonney Gabriel in Miss Universe 2022, Anne Jakrajutatip, the new owner of the beauty contest spoke about it. The businesswoman assured that there was no preference for any competitor and that the judges were objective at all times.

Anne Jakrajutatip became the new owner of Miss Universe.

Anne Jakrajutatip became the new owner of Miss Universe. Photo: Instagram Anne Jakrajutatip

“The rules and the judges were fair and just. Each Miss Universe contestant was measured on her own merits in the competition. Not everyone can win the competition, but everyone has a chance to win,” she expressed.

Who is the owner of Miss Universe?

On October 25, 2022, the name of the new owner of the beauty pageant was revealed. This is Anne Jakrajutatip, a successful Thai businesswoman who knew how to create an empire at the age of 43. Thanks to this acquisition, she has become the third richest transgender woman in the world, according to Forbes.

This is because Anne is CEO of JKN Global Group, a Thai-owned content and media conglomerate that acquired the Miss Universe company; This was also confirmed by Amy Emmerich, executive of the contest.

Anne Jakrajutatip is proclaimed as the new owner of Miss Universe

Anne Jakrajutatip is proclaimed as the new owner of Miss Universe. Photo: Composition LR/ @AnneJakrajutatip/Instagram/ Miss Universe/ Gerson Cardoso

“We are delighted to share the next step in our evolution with the organization of Miss Universe, which officially becomes part of the JKN Global Group family. The announcement will build on the organization’s strong brand and vision, developing an integrated and compelling proposition, with new opportunities to grow the business,” he said.

Where is Amanda Dudamel located?

Miss Venezuela 2022,Amanda Dudamel, remains in Miami, Florida after participating in the 71st edition of Miss Universe. Despite the fact that the media reported that the model would return to her native country on Monday, January 23, everything would indicate that she would stay in the United States for a few more weeks. Through her social networks, she showed the various interviews that she has, in addition to spending time with her family.

Amanda Dudamel enjoys in Miami

Miss Universe second runner-up Amanda Dudamel enjoys her stay in Miami. Photo: Instagram

Amanda Dudamel is accused by a designer of plagiarizing the dress she wore in Miss Universe

The designer sami guicherman He spoke with the program “El gordo y la flaca” and assured that Amanda Dudamel plagiarized the design of one of her dresses and she was able to notice it while watching the catwalk of the Venezuelan representative.

“First I took off my glasses and put them back on because I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked, I immediately criticized him because I was the creator of this piece last year and I see it now in the girl who is representing Venezuela with a piece that is exactly the same”, he said.

Amanda Dudamel

Amanda Dudamel was the first runner-up in Miss Universe 2022. Photo: composition LR / Univisión.

Amanda Dudamel to Andreína Martínez after the final of the Miss Universe

For many, Miss Venezuela and Miss Puerto Rico were the true queens of the Miss Universe. After the final of the contest, Amanda Dudamel expressed how happy she is with the progress made by her colleague, Andreína Martínez.

Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel measures 1.79 meters

Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel measures 1.79 meters. Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Miss VenezuelaAFP

“I feel that she was very happy with the top and she wanted us to be photographed together, because I feel that she was feeling proud that she knew that she would be able to work with us later. From the beginning we knew that Latino power was going very strong, ”she told the program“ La mesa caliente ”.