Amanda Portales: “I sing to those who have and to those who don’t”

Singer, author, composer and folklorist. Amanda Portales, La Novia del Perú, is getting ready to celebrate more than four decades in front of radio microphones. An appointment where she will share the stage with different groups and great figures of the Andean songbook such as Little Princess of Yungay. “Throughout 42 years, I have gone through various radio stations. The last one is Radio Santa Rosa, where every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. we play the best of our songbook, alternated with special guests,” says Portales, acknowledging that technology still needs to be explored much more.

“My program is called Fiesta Andina, and its name says it all. It is also broadcast on the social networks of the radio to all of Peru and the world. We did not stop even in the hardest moment that was the confinement. I remember that I sent some recorded greetings and from my house and hand in hand with the operator we carried out this beautiful program that is already 42 years old”, says the interpreter. “Times have changed and technology helps a lot”, she meditates and comments that the public that listens to the radio has changed.

“Many platforms have come out and one has to be updated as well. Many tell me you’re still on the radio, but you can broadcast digitally from home and yes, I’d love to, but I don’t know… I like to be seen, although not everyone can handle the networks and platforms. Suddenly later I can have a program digitally. There are many people who listen to the radio from remote areas and in this way, they tell me, they imagine the artist on stage, something that happened to me as a child when my mother –Irene from the Center– took me to the radio. Later I would discover that the magic was in the large round discs called LPs”.

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Amanda Portales will celebrate 42 years of radio career this April 29 at the Scencia Convention Center in La Molina. Photo: diffusion.

Regarding Fiesta Andina, he points out that it is a window for all artists and that it has no ‘political color’. “But it does not mean that we are oblivious to the situation. Not all of us are going to think alike because everyone has their own way, their point of view. We have received all those who carry art, as well as producers, promoters, writers, even those who have reached Congress. This is a space that has many nuances.”

— You have been summoned, more than once, to enter politics. Why haven’t you taken that step?

Just for a reason. That I can have the best intentions, but unfortunately it takes a lot to achieve them. Over time, I have seen many things. People sometimes vote hoping that things can change because too much is promised and not delivered. The faith and trust of the people are betrayed and I can say that of the people because I know almost all of Peru and I know how they are neglected, even in Lima.

I speak with the impotence of not being able to do something and I tell my followers that I better bring them music to brighten their souls and balance a little the sadness they carry. But not with politics… I’m not saying never… I’ve been offered, but I didn’t acceptI don’t know about here later, but I see so much injustice that I say, what is this? I sing to the one who has and to the one who doesn’t. I broadcast my music to all social and political strata.

Amanda Portales will celebrate her radio anniversary this April 29 at the Scencia Convention Center in La Molina, where she will have guests such as Los Ecos and Princesita de Yungay.