Amara la Negra denounces racism and classism on television

The American of Dominican origin Amara La Negra says that as an artist she feels the “duty” to give a voice to the Afro-Latino community in the world, and she will also do so starting this Wednesday in her new television program “Don’t Cancel Me.” (Don’t cancel me), a platform to express opinions “freely and without being judged.”

Born 31 years ago in Miami (USA) and proud to say that she is Dominican, the singer and presenter tells Efe that she is excited about her new stage as a future single mother of twins in 2022 and about her long career in the world entertainment, which he has also used for his activism.

“I am an artist, but an artist who is also an activist,” clarifies Diana Danelys De Los Santos, her real name.

He explains that it has been his whole life, perhaps unconsciously since he was in high school and was interested in it when they talked about Martin Luther King and slavery.

“It caught my attention to understand why my race was a topic of conversation, controversial, why until today there is so much classism, so much racism,” he says.

For six years she also perceived racism as the only black girl on Don Francisco’s popular Saturday Giant program.

Although he appreciates the opportunity he had from the age of 4 to be part of a “child experiment” of the program, he remembers comments and looks from other parents and television staff, sometimes with malicious intent, sometimes out of “ignorance.”

“I felt like I didn’t fit, like I couldn’t find myself, because I was the only brunette in the group. With all the years that Sábado Gigante was on the air, there was never another, ”he recalls.

She relates that once the show’s stylist told her mother that she had to do something with her hair because she didn’t have time for her.

“I felt bad because I did not understand why mine was a problem, but the others did not,” he says.

“Many times it was even the looks of mothers or girls, some comments, such as ‘to be black is very pretty,'” she adds.

Amara La Negra has been a dancer for Univision, the Premios Lo Nuestro, the Latin Grammys, even Celia Cruz.

She successfully debuted in music with the reggaeton theme “Ayy” in 2013 and has evolved in the US market, among other jobs as part of the reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”, in addition to many other activities as a presenter and film actress and television.

“I don’t put limits on my art, I’m curious how far I can go,” she stresses.