Amazon: a world of virtual books

“Write and publish books” are a pair of verbs that a writer who loves to translate his ideas into letters would like to conjugate frequently in his life.

Having your writings accepted by a recognized publisher is a dream that, with the passage of time, grows stronger. However, for the most part, the economic realities of thousands of born writers deprive the world of their talent and the result of the literary imprint they possess.

Today, the digital world has come to give the opportunity to anyone who writes and wants to publish their work in print for free.

Among these platforms is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP),’s desktop publishing publisher of electronic books, the largest and most effective in the world, launched in the first decade of the 21st century.

For its part, Amazon is a company originally from the United States and its main market is electronic commerce, along with cloud computing services. The foundation was made in 1994 by businessman Jeff Bezos.

According to its founder, online book sales were chosen because of the opportunities that he analyzed to have in the stable market aimed at a wide audience that required a reading closer to their professional interests.

“I initially chose book publishing as the best product to sell online after making a list of 20 different possibilities. With more than 3 million books in print, I was going to build a digital library that could not have existed in any other way, ”Bezos explained in a briefing note originally published in 1997, and now reproduced by the EFE agency in early 2021.

Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton University, began working on Wall Street in computer science, although he resigned before his 30th birthday to dedicate himself to selling books online from his garage in the North American city of Seattle.

How to publish on Amazon?
It is usually the concern that paralyzes many writers who want to try it and do not know where to start, forgetting that the platform provides instructions on how to do it.

In the meantime, you will only have to have the book you want to publish previously corrected ready next to the cover of that volume and create an account on Amazon KDP.

These are the first three criteria that you need to be able to publish on Amazon and make your works known to the world.

When publishing, the platform will ask you to complete the details of the book such as:

Title and previous editions of the book, author, authors and collaborators, description of the book, keywords, and possible category to which the referred work belongs (novel, short story, poetry, essay, self-help, etc).

After meeting the above requirements, the platform takes a prudent time to review it and make it available for sale. In the same sense, if there is any problem in the publication, they will contact you through the email that has been registered so that the author can solve it, and resend it with the suggestions already applied.

Each author must establish the markets in which the ebook will be marketed, the price and the royalty option.

Royalties are the forms of payments that writers who publish on Amazon ebook receive for the sale of their book. Technically, the publisher gives the author a percentage of the profits from each book sold.

There are two options for a royalty of 35% and one of 70%.

The 35% royalty is available for all those books that have a price of US $ 0.99

The 70% royalty is available for all those books that have a price between US $ 2.99 and US $ 9.99

Book format:
KDP allows you to publish in paperback or hardcover for free.

Those interested in acquiring a work published on Amazon chooses the format they wish to receive, and the publisher is responsible for printing it and having it delivered in printed form to the applicant’s postal address, either expressly or standard, depending on the time they wish. receive it.

Another type of sale is by Kindergarten. This type of acquisition is digital only and the acquirer will have access to the work via the application of their electronic equipment.

Either of these two types of sale of works through the Amazon portal implies the possibility of selling a certain publication on a global scale … without borders, or restrictions of any kind.