Amazon will no longer produce its delivery robots because they do not meet the needs of customers

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant has closed the production line of its delivery robots as part of the cost reduction measures of the experimental projects and to address the low growth in their sales, according to Bloomberg reports. The company noted that in the process of testing the Scout there are aspects that did not adequately meet the needs of users.

Likewise, regarding the opinions received on its operation, it is mentioned that its performance is slower than that done by human labor. In addition, due to its small size, the transport of larger packages is complicated, which translates into a slowdown in shipping operations.

It is necessary to specify that, although Amazon abandons the production of Scout, is not neglecting the development of its robots.

According to Bloomberg, an internal source of the company pointed out that there is still a small group of workers in the development of autonomous robots. The rest of the 400 people who were in charge of Scout will be relocated to other positions where they can put their skills to good use.

In this line, it must be stated that Amazon has committed itself to the development of autonomous vehicles, since they have made a multimillion-dollar investment in these machines, with a view to save in the future in the budget established for delivery personnel.

On this, Morgan Stanley analysts report that the company wants to avoid spending up to 20,000 million dollars a year on salaries to carriers that deliver the parcel, so the ideas they are currently promoting make more sense.