Amelia Bono, open to love in 2022 after her separation from Manuel Martos and her fleeting relationship with Fernando Ligués?

In the best moment of her life and in the midst of constant rumors of reconciliation with Manuel Martos after their surprising separation last June, Amelia Bono has started the year ready to enjoy her singleness to the fullest.

To welcome 2022, the daughter of José Bono and Ana Rodríguez met with two of her best friends to catch up at an exclusive restaurant in the capital, showing off the style and innate elegance that have made her one of the queens of ‘street style’ in Spain.

And it is that demonstrating that you can be comfortable as well as ideal, Amelia wore a flattering look for the occasion with black pants, a blue wool sweater to match her eyes and a maxi vest – one of the trends of the season – that Combined with high-heeled ankle boots and padded bag.

Fleeing the press when asked about a new love for next 2022 after her sudden break with businessman Fernando Ligués after two months of discreet relationship, Amelia makes it clear that her ex-husband, Manuel Martos, will continue to be part of her family plans for the good of the four children they have in common and confirms that they have spent Christmas together. Of course, about a second chance in your marriage, no word. Hit play and don’t miss his statements!