América Kids: What has happened to Valeria Flórez’s life after finishing the program?

Peruvian actress Valeria Flórez Along with other artists such as Ximena Hoyos, she was part of the América Kids program, this children’s show made the members known nationally. But, what has become of Valeria’s life? What do you do today? You are and other questions we will answer today El Popular.

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Valeria Flórez today

After her participation in the children’s program América Televisión, the actress worked with television channels such as Willax TV, where she made a series of reports on restaurants, tourist places, among others. This project meant for her her return to the small screen.

In addition, on his YouTube channel, he announced that he resumed his music classes since he had left after being presented with jobs that interrupted his schedules, so he decided to put his studies on hiatus.

It should be noted that the young artist today has a relationship of more than four years with a young man who goes by the name of Andrés Ugarte Diez Canseco, with whom she goes on a trip almost often. The last roadtrip he did was in October 2021 in Oxapampa.

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Valeria Flórez She is currently 25 years old and assures that she is an animal lover, in addition to emphasizing that she likes cold more than heat. On the other hand, he maintained during his channel that he does want children but that he still does not know at what age he will have his first baby and revealed that he would like to get married.

Finally, he expressed that his dream is to travel to Italy and France, and revealed that he likes tattoos a lot but that he would not like to get a tattoo. He also said that he would like to have his own business.