AMLO, Gustavo Petro and Evo Morales, presidents allied with Castillo are declared “unpleasant” in Peru

Strain. As Pedro Castillo tried to shut down Congress last December, presidents and leaders on the left supported the demands for his release and, in some cases, restitution. The Colombian Gustavo Petrothe Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) and the Bolivian Evo Morales They joined the cause. They maintained, like the former professor’s lawyers, that the classification of rebellion is inaccurate for their investigation. They also claimed the violence allegedly carried out by the forces of order during legitimate social demonstrations, which is why they Dina Boluarte she is being investigated for the alleged crime of qualified homicide.

The government’s reaction was immediate. Boluarte Zegarra withdrew resident ambassadors in ColombiaFelix Ricardo Américo, Antonio Denegri Boza, and Mexico, Manuel Talavera. He left a charge d’affaires as the representative of Peru.

The disapproved Congress he pointed out every statement contrary to the governance of the country. In the case of Gustavo Petro and Evo Morales, they were declared persona non grata. they asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs support their intentions and deny them access to national territory, but to date the Foreign Ministry has not even ruled.

Parliament does not welcome Evo because “his constant incitement in national politics seeks to unbalance the internal order of the country, especially the southern part of the Peru“, reads motion 5225. María del Carmen Alva, the congresswoman for the initiative, believes that Morales Ayma mobilizes Peruvians to march against the ruling political class.

Petro was pronounced unpleasant for assimilating the massive marches of the National Police of Peru with the Nazi displacements. That time, the troops lined up in front of the Palace of Justice and toured the streets in coincidence with the anti-government demonstrations, where more than three dozen Peruvians had already died.

For López Obrador there was also rejection from the legislators. The Mexican president declared that he will not transfer to him the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific alliance to Dina Boluarte. For the internationalist Farid Kahhat, the management of the regional agreement “imports a damn”, as he said in the Reading Committee. However, for the first time, AMLO warned that international relations will be “on pause” while the “dominant group” remains in power.