An América TV worker commits a blooper while editing a program by Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi

He sunday april 16, the program “My mom cooks better than yours” presented a new edition with great guests dedicated to the field of acting. There were four chosen ones who have been breaking it in “Luz de Luna 3”, the series that is broadcast from Monday to Friday at night through América Televisión. However, a worker from the aforementioned television house was involved in the reality show hosted by Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi.

And it is that the editor of the television space of ethel and yaco He noted an error that did not go unnoticed by viewers or families who enjoy the celebrity gastronomic contest, among which were: Vanessa Silva, André Silva, Mayella Lloclla and Sebastián Ligarde.

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The post-production worker’s mistake occurred when Vanessa and andre They were working in the kitchen (she was preparing the dish, while he was giving a series of instructions). Suddenly, an alarm sounded, which is a sign of a challenge that they had to face in order to have a few extra minutes.

It was then that, in images, it can be seen when the shot was taken towards andre silva changes unexpectedly and immediately I was already competing with Vanessa Silvawhile Yaco Eskenazi and Ethel Well they were giving them signs.

In addition to not having audio and video synchronization, the sequence makes an unexpected return, since it shows eskenazi just presenting the charade challenge that both actors had to interpret.

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Don Pedrito ‘chanca’ to Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi for “My mom cooks better than yours”

In an interview with the “Love and Fire” program, the renowned chef Don Pedrito shared his opinion about the program “My mom cooks better than yours” hosted by Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi.

before the cameras of rodrigo gonzalez and Gigi Miterthe gastronomic expert maintained the following: “That’s why they hate me because I tell the truth, because they are looking for green eyes, girls who have a good body, who don’t even know how to boil water, because even the water burns. Why am I going to break myself?” the brain and wear out my brain cells? I have to use them for other things. What benefit do I get from seeing those things.”