An “open war” is unleashed by the audience on the radio of Santo Domingo

Whenever a new means of communication emerges, it is feared or predicted that it will wipe out those that are already established.

It happened with radio when television emerged, however, it has even survived the internet age, with digital books against traditional ones, among others.

And in fact, in the case of radio, it has not only been maintained, but has also joined social networks and digital services, creating a symbiosis that allows reaching a greater number of audiences and eliminating the boundaries of space.

For this reason, in the Dominican Republic, contrary to going extinct, more radio programs are emerging that seek to win the favor of the public with the participation of new talent, which are attractive to younger audiences.

In that sense, these products, which were supposed to be for a sound medium, now become audiovisual when the public chooses to watch it through their respective YouTube channels. This versatility makes these programs more attractive and above all affordable, which can be enjoyed at any time the listener likes and as many times as they want.

The new
Last night the launch of the program “Open Mic” was announced, and the incorporation of José Ángel Morván and Yelidá Mejía to the cast of “Sinfilter Radio Show”, both belonging to Alofoke Media Group. The first will be broadcast through Alofoke FM 99.3 FM, and the second by KQ 94.5 FM.

These spaces are joined by “The University of the Street”, announced a few weeks ago, and led by Brea Frank. This has a group of figures that include Francisca Lachapel and Ana Carmen León. This starts this Monday, January 10 on EXA 96.9 FM.

These three spaces have a schedule from 5:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 at night, a detail that makes this time Prime Time, along with morning programs, in terms of radio offerings.

In this way, the competition in this time range becomes tighter, with these new projects, which are joined by other established ones, such as “Dparranda Radio Show”, which has been on the air for almost a decade, and which, although it started in the prime time , for a little over a year, it has taken the schedule from 6:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 at night, through Dominicana FM 98.9 and 99.9.

But the fact that those hours in which the day changes from afternoon to night, has found the possibility of economic profitability, at a time when digital is king.

One of those that opened this schedule was “El Same Golpe”, led by Jochy Santos and with a cast that includes figures such as those who can be heard on Zol 106.5 FM.

In this way, the new times and digital services such as YouTube have increased the profits of producers, who can monetize through visualizations and at the same time have the facility to sell advertisements for the traditional medium of radio.

The young Stand Up Comedy comedians Orlando Toribio (Pío), Estarlin Ramírez, Elías Serulle and Miguel Fabian (The Little Migrant), will be the hosts of “Open Mic”.

José Ángel Morván and Yelidá Mejía join the cast of “Sin Filter Radio Show”, and will work alongside Robert Sánchez, Amelia Alcántara, Tomy Castillo (La Berny) and Mariachi Buda.

In “La Universidad de la Calle”, in which yesterday it was announced that Francisca Lachapel and Ana Carmen León were joining the team led by Brea Frank, there will also be Edward Familia, Fabio Alexander Del Rosario de la Rosa “Menthol”.