Ana María Polo makes a revealing confession about a program that marked her in Case Closed

In the world there are various talk shows and reality shows, such as the one on Ana Maria Polo that deal with intimate issues related to the couple, the family, sexist violence, infidelity, among other types of cases that arouse outrage in the viewer public. Formats such as Cristina Saralegui and Laura Bozzo were the ones that attracted the most attention, but in recent years it can be said that Dr. Polo is the ‘queen of talk shows’ with her program Caso closed.

In 2002, the reality show Sala de couples was broadcast on the Telemundo network, presented by an unknown Cuban lawyer named Ana María Polo, who trained in Miami to practice law. However, this program brought her to international fame and gave her an event that she did not expect.

“There was a case in which I acted with violence,” he confessed Ana Maria Polo In an interview. In addition, he added: “I threw a glass of water to the uncle who abused and prostituted his 16-year-old niece, whom he had promised to protect after the death of her father. I lost my temper and regretted it, ”said the television star.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented more editions of Case Closed from being recorded, since these had to be done with the public and this did not allow the physical distancing that is intended in these times when recording or broadcasting programs.

Dr. Ana María Polo has declared in a recent interview with the Terra portal about the possible return of Case Closed, something that she does not rule out when they are about to turn 20 years after its first broadcast. “Currently, I am working with several major producers to somehow bring back a new refreshing and more up-to-date version of Case closed. We will see what happens, but we are working on that ”, he said.