Ana María Polo: Meet Peter, the young man she raised as her own son after a sad stage

Ana María Polo became famous throughout the Spanish-speaking countries for playing the role of judge in the american program Case closed. However, despite being a public and media person, he always kept his family life private and therefore very few know that he has an adopted son. So in this note from El Popular we will tell you all the details of the young man who is now a father of a family.

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Who is Peter, son of Ana María Polo?

Anna Maria Polo In an interview with the program ‘Suelta la sopa’ she spoke a little more about her intimate life and the interviewer asked her about the possibility of adopting a child, but she flatly denied it, saying that she was already a very old person and had already raised to a boy named Peter.

This is how the lawyer explained that she decided to raise a little boy as if he were her son and he considers her as a mother. In addition, she reported that the young man was 31 years old (currently 36 years old) and had already formed his own family.

“I already did all that, I raised a boy who is 31 (36) years old today, he is married, he is happy, we talk to each other. He was fostered, he lived with me. Totally fine, perfect, my contribution to his life was beautiful. I consider him a son and he a mother to me,” said the Cuban.

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What does Ana María Polo’s son do?

Peter decided not to follow in his mother’s footsteps Anna Maria Polo and stayed away from television screens. Currently the young man is engaged in business and continues to have good communication with the lawyer, who is also “shocked” with her granddaughter.

Worth noting Ana Maria he has no public photo with his son Peterbecause he still wants to be anonymous, but with his little granddaughter with whom he spends a few days.