Ana María Polo: What happened to the host after the final chapter of Case Closed?

The last Caso Cerrado program was recorded on December 10, 2019 after almost twenty years broadcasting through the Telemundo signal. The program was launched in 2001, with Ana María Polo as the host and, at that time, no one imagined that the lawyer would become one of the most successful characters on television, especially in Latino homes.

The famous Dr. Polo She won the affection of the public thanks to her hilarious and unbridled style to solve curious legal cases of her protagonists, who came to her in search of a solution. The woman in law immortalized the phrase “I said, case closed!” when he ended one of the thousands of legal problems that came to his hands.

Now, Ana María Polo is away from television and has been fully involved in promoting donations for an organization that investigates cancer treatments. Likewise, the Cuban woman has become a faithful follower of the promotion of people’s equality, which is why in June of this year she was part of the LGTBI + Pride March in Miami.

In an interview with People magazine in 2020, Dr. Polo said that she was ending her participation in Case Closed, since she considered that she was not doing anything new. However, the lawyer showed her desire to continue on the small screen, so she is currently waiting for a proposal that manages to convince her.

In these times of social networks it is almost a constant that the famous fake news or false news have a famous person as the protagonist. For example, in April 2021 the news emerged that Ana María Polo had lost her life after drowning on a beach in the city of Miami.

The news was denied by various portals and reached the eyes of the law woman. Therefore, the Cuban published a video on her Instagram account to deny this report where she was seen riding a horse with some companions with the phrase: “That’s life. Sometimes we go slowly, others at full gallop ”.

By becoming an icon of the Latino community in the United States, the recognition for Ana María Polo was not long in coming. In June 2021, the mayor of the city of Hialeah, in the state of Florida, Carlos Hernández, together with the lawyer, inaugurated the street with the same name as a tribute.

Visibly moved, Dr. Polo thanked him for this gesture and recalled that he always visited that same place, since in front of him is the Telemundo studios where Caso closed was filming.

“This street was my home, here I made close friends and, the most important of all that, is that through a program that was recorded right here, in Hialeah, Latinos come together, reflect our conflicts and confront them in a way very human and different from what we were used to seeing in other court programs ”, he said that time.

In February 2021, Orlando Fundichely denied a video posted by the YouTube portal Badabun, in which it was claimed that he was the son of Dr. Polo and assigned him the name ‘Peter’.

“I think that some journalist was given the wrong information when he made me the son of Dr. Polo ha, ha, ha,” wrote the actor from Luz Maria (1998) and In the background there is site (2013).

Telemundo Internacional produced a video that brings together the different physical changes of Ana María Polo throughout all the years that she was in charge of Caso Cerrado.

“It is time to celebrate the # 10Impable Years of #TelemundoInternacional with Dr. Polo. We have said, #CasoCerrado! ”, Reads the Instagram post.

No one is surprised by the peculiarity of the cases that reached the television set of Case closed in front of the judge Ana Maria Polo. Here we leave you a brief account of the episodes that most caught the attention of viewers.

If you want to enjoy all the episodes of Caso Cerrado, you can do so through the Telemundo website or the program’s YouTube channel. In this way you will be able to relive the most shocking stories of the remembered program hosted by the famous Dr. Polo.

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