Ana Obregón, the actress who caused controversy for using her dead son’s semen to have a baby

The advancement of science offers great possibilities to those who want to start or expand their family. This is the case of the Spanish actress Ana Obregonwho last April 5 announced to the world the arrival of his granddaughter Ana Sandra, baby generated with the semen of his son, who died in 2020, through surrogacy. This decision generated great controversy, since this medical practice is considered as “reproductive exploitation of women“, according to feminist organizations.

“She is Aless’s daughter and when she grows up I will tell her that her father was a hero, so she knows who he is and how proud she should be of him. This was Aless’s last willthat of bringing his son into the world”, the presenter said in an exclusive interview with the magazine Hello!.

The photo of Ana Obregón leaving a hospital with a baby and in a wheelchair caused great controversy. Photo: Hello! Magazine

How did the procedure occur?

According to Ana, in 2018, when her son was diagnosed with cancer Alessandro Lequithe doctors recommended that the young man save a sample of his sperm, in case the drugs affected him in the future.

These remains were stored in a laboratory in the United States, until, in his last days, Lequi told his parents that he “wanted to leave offspring in this life.” “Since that moment, the only thing that has allowed me to continue living every day, every second, is to fulfill the mission of bringing into the world a daughter of Aless”, admitted the actress.

Alessandro Lequi, son of Ana Obregón, died in 2020 from the cancer he suffered from. Photo: @ana_obregon_oficial/Instagram

Thus began a three-year process, which consisted of multiple legal procedures and some unsuccessful attempts, until the surrogate mother was fertilized, whom, according to the magazine readingshe was paid about $38,000 of the $180,000 the procedure would have cost.

At the moment, Ana and her granddaughter remain in USA until the minor obtains her travel papers. “The girl was born in America and will have an American passport and dual citizenship. Legally, she is my daughter and that is how it appears on her passport. I will register her at the Spanish Consulate and then I can bring her home,” she stated.