Ana Siucho supports new relationship between Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo [FOTOS]

As it is remembered, in November 2021 Ana Siucho, current wife of soccer player Edison Flores, gave her support to Rodrigo Cuba, after the scandalous ampay of Melissa Paredes with her dancer Anthony Aranda.

Although she had a close relationship with the former beauty queen, Ana would have preferred to get away from her and now she would have given her support and approval to her new relationship.l Cat Cuba, who is dating nothing more and nothing less than the best friend of Natalie Vertiz.

It is about Alexandra Venturo, better known for being the ex-lover of the ex-driver of Latina, Ernesto Jimenez, who for a few days would be in romances with Rodrigo, who had no qualms about making their romance official last Friday.

It should be noted that Ana Siucho would have consecutive likes both to the last photo published by the ex-husband of Melissa Paredes, but also to a photograph where Ale Venturo appears posing calmly.

Anthony Aranda happy and proud for the return of Melissa Paredes to TV

The model Melissa Paredes reappeared in Women in command after being away from television after her ampay with Anthony Aranda. His presence not only surprised all the viewers, but his most faithful follower, the dancer.

“What a churra you are my love! Me 11 ”, he wrote as a description of an image where Melissa Paredes appears very smiling on the television set in relation to the fact that from 1 to 10, he loves her more than that.