Anacaona Museum, a journey through the Taino culture

The Anacaona Museum is already a reality. It will take care of facilitating collaborations with schools, universities, institutions, associations and ministries to spread the Dominican culture throughout the country and allow everyone to visit this beautiful collection of Taino art, with a collection of more than 1,800 pieces on display.

It is in the heart of Bayahibe. It is the first and only Taíno Museum in the eastern area, a tribute to the last ‘Queen of the Caribbean’ and therefore baptized with the name of the Anacaona Museum. This project was born with the purpose of spreading the culture and roots of the Dominicans, while encouraging students and tourists to learn more about this beautiful country.

The realization of this center is a reality due to the collective effort of its current director, Daniele Caccialanza, together with his faithful collaborator Federico Mejía Sarmiento, who managed to carry out the most complete exhibition of Taino art on the island and with that immense pleasure did the inauguration of the museum that means a great step forward for the people of Bayahibe.

Your priorities

The main reason is to teach visitors part of the culture inherited by the aborigines who populated the island, being part of those that identify us as a country, despite the fact that when talking about the Dominican Republic, beaches are mostly mentioned, the cultural part that this island offers is much more and it is just that what is intended to be achieved with this exhibition center of indigenous origins and roots.

Inside the museum is the exhibition of unique Taíno pieces that are not found in any other museum on the island, the visit is recommended for all ages and has a team of guides prepared to show, teach and clarify about the history of the ancestors that inhabited the island.

The pieces on display are the most complete collection on the island and contain all kinds of existing Taíno art. Daniele Caccialanza wanted to carry out this project due to his great passion for this art and the history of Queen Anacaona. The museum is of private origin and aims to make several collaborations with other museums to stimulate culture.

The idea of ​​the project arises when Caccialanza was inside the Basilica of Higüey thanking the Virgin of Altagracia for her protection given in the last year, when leaving that same cathedral he heard of the presence of the Museum of La Altagracia, located in the interior of the garden of Higüey.

Being a faithful devotee of the Virgin and also passionate about art and also a collector, he had no hesitation in visiting it, after a few minutes inside that same museum he began to feel a strange pleasant sensation that led him to think about the passion he has for art and by the Tainos.

When he left there and instead of leaving, he returned inside the Basilica and from that moment he had no doubts about asking the Virgin to help him create the Taíno Museum that he always dreamed of having.

Since that day, Caccialanza began to talk about his idea to several people, but of all with whom he spoke, only one helped him and pushed him to make his project come true, Mr. Vincenzo Odoguardi, who in addition to helping presented Daniele his current partner Federico Mejía Sarmiento, who completed the idea and made it possible to have the most complete collection of the Taínos on display.