André Carrillo to ‘Tigrillo’ Navarro: “Did you want 6 points? They are there” [VIDEO]

He was not silent. André Carrillo attacked ‘Tigrillo’ Navarro and other sports journalists after celebrating the triumph of the Peruvian team against Venezuela. The national team transmitted through his Instagram account the celebration of Ricardo Gareca’s eleven.

“I am not going to drop names. I will wait until the game with Venezuela is over. So that’s 6 points out of 6. There’s no way I’m shutting up, ”the journalist wrote on that occasion.

As it is remembered, Navarro set off the alarms about a supposed ampay where those selected would be involved; It is so true to his style, Carillo did not miss the opportunity to refer to the subject.

Did they want six points? There are your six points, no ho # $ &. Did they want six points? I don’t know who said, Tigrillo right? You wanted six points, take your six points. Cool with you, ”André Carrillo said. “You don’t have to talk about those people,” Luis Advíncula replied.

According to rumors, the ‘Tigre’ team would have gone partying, so Navarro asked the Peruvian team to get the six points they need to keep their faith intact for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

“What I do not understand is why the ‘Tiger’ changed the date of concentration. He left them the weekend free and with the field at their disposal. In other words, knowing them perfectly, he did ‘kicks’ with fire, “wrote The Trome Bomber.