Andrea Llosa denies that the program with Melcochita is from “1,000 years” ago: “Ridiculous”

Andrea Llosa He expressed his annoyance at Melcochita’s statements about the recording of the premiere of the fifth season, in which he appeared as a guest. As the comedian implied Paul Villanueva, that edition was filmed several months ago. The comedian had uploaded a video clarifying that what was mentioned in said space does not correspond to the current time. “What they have put on television is from 1,000 years ago. All my children are very well with me, ”he expressed.

In response, the ATV figure spoke out. “Lie!, this is not true,” she exclaimed. “I don’t know where Wednesday they get that this program is not current, don’t be ridiculous then!” he added.

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What did Melcochita say to make Andrea Llosa upset?

The comedian Melcochita spoke after the Andrea Llosa program was broadcast, where he revealed that he was going through a difficult situation with his son. In that program, he even found out that he had a grandson in prison for aggravated robbery.

Given the situation, he shared a video with the media to give his version. “What they have put on television is from 2,000 years ago. That is past. All my children are doing very well with me,” she said.

The comedian Melcochita has several children from different couples. He knows how many there are and his relationship to them. Photo: Capture/ATV/Broadcast

Melcochita’s family mistreats him, says his wife

In the edition of “Andrea”, Monserrat Seminario said that he endured the mistreatment of the Melcochita family for a long time. Therefore, he asked the driver for professional help.

“I tell him ‘you no longer have an obligation to give to your family, you now have three girls, 13, 12 and 9 years old,” he stressed. “Sometimes the family oversteps the line with him,” she added.

At Monserrat's request, Melcochita will receive psychological help to deal with emotional problems.

At Monserrat’s request, Melcochita will receive psychological help to deal with emotional problems. Photo: Capture/ATV

Melcochita and her imprisoned grandson meet again after 8 years

Melcochita went to the Andrea Llosa program to present the case of her grandson, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for aggravated robbery and to ask that his sentence be reduced. The host contacted INPE and orchestrated a meeting between the young man and the comedian.

That was how, after 8 long years, the relatives were able to see each other again. The sonero indicated that, from now on, his child will work to pay his civil compensation and reduce the years of his sentence.