Andrea Llosa proposes a reconciliation between Rodrigo González and Magaly Medina: “If they want friends” [VIDEO]

She doesn’t want ‘fights’. The ATV driver, Andrea Llosa, declared for the cameras of “Love and Fire” that she’s not worried about rating issues, nor does she have any problems with her channel partner, Magaly Medina, she even considered making friends with Rodrigo González. What did she say? We tell you.

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It was very clear, the driver Andrea Llosa commented on his ‘confrontation’ with Magaly Medina: “We are not here for idiots, really, there are more important things like working all day here. Good luck to everyone on TV, working here is a privilege and you have to get the most out of it, you have to work hard, we’re not here to fight”.

After mentioning that this is not the time to be fighting between partners, Andrea Llosa surprised by offering to reconcile the friendship between the figures of the show, Rodrigo Gonzalez and Magaly Medina: “If they want, I’ll also make friends with them. Can we make friends? Is the conciliator here?” she said with a laugh.

For its part, Rodrigo Gonzalez thanked the collaboration of Andrea Llosa to respond to his reporter and mentioned: “If we are in another place, in another signal and it reaches us and tires us, there comes a time when one also says up to here,” said the popular ‘Toddler’.

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Magaly Medina distances herself from Andrea Llosa: “I don’t trust mattresses”

In the LIVE broadcast of her program, Magaly Medina took a few minutes to talk about Andrea Llosa’s rating indirectly: “I wish someone would leave me two digits! But no, here you come to fight from 7 or 8 points to reach double digits, that’s how we are, I don’t keep quiet (…) happily that I don’t trust or trust mattresses, “she said.

“I alone here, alone, we fight it, live program every day, no recorded program, that I record for two days for the whole week, no, things well said here, every day here,” reiterated the popular magpie.