Andrea Llosa responds to Magaly Medina after minimizing her: “It is a huachafería to talk about reigns”

Andrea Llosa and Magaly Medina continue to face each other for the rating. Despite the fact that both drivers work on the same channel, the hints have not stopped between them. However, now the presenter of “Never again” responds to her colleague and clarifies that she does not want to fight, because she considers that talking about figures is “huachafería”.

Andrea Llosa gave an interview for “Amor y fuego”. She revealed that she doesn’t watch the show.Magaly TV, the firm”, so he has not considered the teasing of his partner on the channel.

“This is not a monarchy, there are no queens on TV. I have no problem with her, really. I don’t see her… The subject of the mattress and the rating is in Ibope. It is inelegant to talk about figures I think the public is interested in good content and not talking about numbers, so it’s inelegant,” he said.

At another time, Andrea Llosa stated that she cannot handle people’s emotions and launched harsh qualifications against Magaly Medina‘s statements. “It is a huachafería to talk about the reigns The truth is that I don’t know why I’m involved in this, “he added.

He assured that his intention is not to compete with the ‘Urraca’. “We all make a great effort, we compete with other channels and we don’t compete with people from the same channel. There are no reigns here… We are not here for nonsense, there are more important things. Good luck to everyone on TV, we’re not here to fight,” he said.

She even offered to be the mediator so that Rodrigo González and Magaly Medina reconcile and become friends again. “If you want friends, we can also make friends. Is the conciliator there?” Said the driver with a laugh.