Andrea Luna puts a heart in Andrés Wiese’s photo with Yvonne Frayssinet and fans react [FOTO]

Andrés Wiese and Andrea Luna have been in the eye of the storm for a few days after the ampay and the publication of the actress’s ex-partner, Pietro Sibille. The followers of the actors have not stopped commenting on Instagram as in this new post.

The remembered ‘Ricolás’ traveled to Arequipa for a theater presentation where he met again with Yvonne Frayssinet, the remembered ‘Nona’ from Al fondo hay Sitio, where both shared roles for more than eight years.

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The followers of Andres Wiese They were moved by this reunion and the great affection that both have despite the years, so they left many messages of seeing them together again in a second season of the successful Efraín Aguilar series.

The comments box contained reactions from media figures such as Carolina Canno, Erick Elera, Maricielo Effio, Lucía Oxenford, daughter of Yvonne Frayssinet and Marcelo Oxenford. However, the most striking was that of Andrea Luna. What did he say?

Although the Princesses actress did not write a text message, she put a heart in the comments. This emoticon was more than enough for the actors’ followers on Instagram to comment on their reaction.

Some of the users compared Andrea Luna with Melissa Paredes, other fans of the actress defended her and assured that she has the right to do with her life as she pleases, they also reaffirmed their support for the complaint she made against Pietro Sibille.