Andrea Luna reveals that she was shocked when she saw Nicola and Angie act in a kidnapping scene: “It’s funny”

The actress Andrea Luna has participated in several national and international productions, among them she was in television programs, series, films and commercials. This gave her authority for her to give her opinion regarding some developments of ‘ex-reality boys’ when they ventured into acting.

Such was the case with Nicola Porcella and Angie Arizaga. Well, Andrea was in an interview that ChiquiWilo did for her cana de Youtube and revealed what his reaction was when he saw them in a sequence that had to be very suspenseful.

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To remember, nicola and Angie were part of a series of america television call ‘Come dance quinceañera‘. They were together in the 2015 season when they starred in a scene where they were both kidnapped in a minimarket.

It was the presenter who asked Andrea if he had seen the performance of any of the members of “This is war” either “Combat” and recalled the participation of porcelain and Arizaga. Likewise, she was asked about the score that she would give after having observed her performance.

“No, that one I saw was not good. I think I saw just a scene that I think was of Angie and Nicola where they had kidnapped him. Like “Oe’ yes, they kidnapped me” ‘Speak, everything’s fine’. And it was Like (lost look), what happened?” Luna mentioned amid laughter.

In the same way, Andrea Luna added that although what she saw on the screens was not funny, she took it in a fun way. She even stressed that this sketch was a trend in social networks.

“Of course, that was like a trend (…) It was fun, I had a good time when I saw it, it makes me laugh,” said the actress and former member of the program “America Kids“.

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Nicola Porcella and Angie Arizaga in ‘Come dance quinceañera’

The boom that generated “This is war” in the viewers made some of the participants of that program intrusions into other television spaces of america television. Proof of this was Nicola Porcella and Angie Arizaga, who were in the series “Come dance quinceañera” in it 2015.

In that production, nicola had the role of Piero del Campo, the son of a wealthy family, while Angie She played Anita Vílchez, a girl who worked as a minimarket attendant.