Andrea San Martín is nervous shortly after receiving her booster dose

Peru is currently experiencing a third wave of infections of the new coronavirus, which has caused the government to accelerate the process of applying the third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. In that sense, the characters of the national celebrity are attending the nearest vaccination centers such as Andrea San Martin.

The young mother announced to her followers that this Tuesday, January 4, she was going to get a booster dose against this dangerous virus. However, the blonde also revealed that she was quite nervous, since on the previous occasion she suffered from post-vaccine sequelae after applying Johnson & Johnson.

Andrea San Martín launched a small survey in one of her stories from Instagram where he asked his followers about whether the vaccine had shocked them. Additionally, Sebastián Lizarzaburú’s partner shared their experience with inoculation.

“It makes me nervous because with the Johnson I literally spent two days or a day and a half with chills,” he said. As it is recalled, several doctors point out that the consequences caused by vaccines are completely normal and that these do not usually lead to serious problems.

About April and May 2021, thousands of Peruvians chose to travel to the United States to inoculate themselves against COVID-19 as quickly as possible. Andrea San Martín and Sebastián Lizarzaburú were part of this group, so through their social networks they decided to share their experience with their followers.

We are already vaccinated. The puncture did not hurt at all, but the liquid did, it was like any vaccine, normal, then you wait 15 minutes to see if they have no reaction, “said the model.