Andrea San Martín on strong tremor in Lima: “The mother’s subconscious is impressive”

Andrea San Martin She was very concerned for the well-being of her daughters during the strong earthquake that struck Lima this early morning on January 7. The model shared on her social networks the video recorded by the security cameras where you can see her quick reaction and also hear her partner, Sebastián Lizarzaburu, who organized with the former reality girl to take care of the girls and also their pets .

“That video is proof of what they always tell you: ‘a mother never goes to sleep again.’ It is not because you do not have time to sleep, but that your subconscious never rests again. because you are pending any movement, “he said in his Instagram stories. “No matter how tired I am, the subconscious of most moms is impressive.” wrote.

On the other hand, the television host also stressed that she watches over the well-being of her pets and Lizarzaburu takes care of the girls. “Valentina (pet) had a great time, she doesn’t balk, she just accompanies me and looks at me to decide what to do. Kiki looks for a place to hide, I just make sure they don’t leave the house ”, he commented. “That’s why I always open the front door and Sebastian stays in the girls’ room,” he added.

For her part, the actress Flavia Laos revealed through her stories on Instagram the curious moment that took place during the strong earthquake that surprised the city of Lima. After that, he stressed that he is very afraid of earthquakes and as a result of this he went out without clothes to the street. “I ended up on the track without clothes, and my mother covering me, I trembling with my heart in my mouth because tremors scare me too much.”

During the program More shows on this Friday, January 7, the conductors of the television space told about their experience with the first great earthquake of 2022. For this reason, the model Brunella Horna was encouraged to narrate how the earthquake happened in Lima where she is alone because her partner, Richard Acuña, had to travel to Chiclayo. “I called Richard crying, I was very afraid, I am very afraid of tremors,” said the businesswoman.