Andrea San Martín recalled her romance with Deyvis Orozco: What did you see?

During the interview show paco bazan in ATV“El Deportivo en Otra Cancha”, the model Andrea San Martín recounted her time on television, such as her presentation on Welcome Latina Afternoon and in Combat. On the other hand, she also commented along with Bazán about the love experiences she had, it was there that the musician Deyvis Orozco was mentioned.

Andrea San Martín observes the photograph of Deyvis Orozco on the program screen and smiles complicitly with paco bazan remembering those times, At that time I was 18 years old, I was already of legal age. It was a time where I was able to learn many things, I was with him until I was in my twenties”, the influencer specifies.

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As revealed by the businesswoman, one of the attributes that captivated him the most about the cumbia music singer was his personality and confidence. “Deyvis has always been quite confident in himself. (…) What strikes me the most in a man, almost always, is the confidence he has, his personality, feeling sure of himself.”

However, this was not the only attribute that caught the attention of Deyvis Orozco to the ‘mom blogger‘ appealing that he was also physically attracted to her. “In fact, I don’t have a prototype of a man, the one I like, I like and that’s it, he doesn’t have to look like anyone. He who conquers me, conquers me.”

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Andrea San Martín also spoke about her romance with Francesco Mendez

At the beginning of the interview, Paco Bazán talks with Andrea San Martín and nicknames her “the girl of the lives” for the recurring transmissions that the businesswoman usually carries out through instagram and TikTok. During the conversation, images are also presented where he is kissing Francesco MendezThus, Andrea San Martín confirms that this is a very special person in her life at the moment and that the nine-year difference is not a complication.

On the other hand, he was asked about the relationship with the father of his eldest daughter, Sebastián Lizarzaburu, with whom he claims to have a relationship of friendship and full trust since they have known each other for more than 10 years. However, andrea san martin refuses to see it with other eyes than those of friends.