Andrea San Martín reveals that he will vaccinate his 6-year-old daughter: “Without hesitation” [FOTO]

Trust the science. The influencer Andrea San Martín appeared again on social networks, this time to tell her followers that after the Government’s provisions, she will vaccinate her daughter with yes or yes Sebastián Lizarzaburu.

“What if I am going to vaccinate Maia?”, she wrote at the top of the story, just before answering each of the reasons that led her to make that decision.

“Well yes and without hesitation, Regardless of whether or not it is mandatory, I will consider it part of the vaccination record. I am not an extremist, but I take care of myself in every possible way, from feeding the girls to the necessary protection measures, “the first reads.

In addition, he continued: “Thank God so far we have never been infected and although I know that it may happen sooner or later, I am grateful that unlike the beginning, we know a little better about this virus.”

Andrea excited after deciding to improve her image: “I’ve been a bit careless”

Andrea San Martin In recent weeks, she has shown quite committed to her role as a mother, for this reason, she is taking advantage of her little girls’ vacations to share special moments. However, this time he revealed that he has neglected his image.

“It is that everything in the house is crazy there are moments in which one must be more involved and you put yourself aside. For that reason, I began to make my appointments to be able to fix myself in general,” he added. Minutes later, the influencer was quite excited about her change of look.