Andreína Martínez reappears on social networks after her replacement for Miss Universe

“I wish you well soon, our connection was very nice, we shared a room and for whatever it is, I’m here”, this was one of the messages that the newly appointed Dominican representative before the Miss Universe, Debbie Aflalo, sent to the winner of the contest, Andreína Martínez, during the interview she gave to Diario Libre.

The young woman, who represented the Dominican community in the United States, had to leave the square free after catching COVID-19, at least this was what the organization of the contest reported through social networks.

Debbie assured that once she knew the information she contacted Andreína, whom she wished a speedy recovery.

However, it was striking that the young woman never answered this or any other message publicly, nor did she refer to her state of health, but she did continue to publish stories on her Instagram of motivational texts and images from the night of her coronation, leaving with his silence all kinds of speculation to be made.

For these reasons, Martínez has decided to break his silence and talk about his health, but did not refer to Aflalo’s election.

“These weeks have been very difficult, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to worry about me. Thank you for the support you have given me. I know that God has a plan with me ”, he expressed through his Instagram account.

He continued: “I have worked and fought to achieve my goals, I have earned with a lot of effort and sacrifice every achievement I have achieved, this pause was not and will not be a barrier; it’s a catapult that helps me get up much more strongly. See you soon ”, he concluded.

Finally, he thanked the support and affection expressed by his followers and took a moment to show his appreciation for his fans.