Andrés Hurtado and Patricia Martínez: what is known about their ex-wife and why would they have divorced?

Andres Hurtado He is one of the television hosts most acclaimed by the viewing public. Week after week he entertains thousands of people with his program on the Panamericana Televisión signal and his career is well known to his fans. However, there are aspects of his life that were kept away from the cameras, such as his first love relationships.

The popular presenter married Marilú Montiel in 1987 and as a result of this love his first two daughters were born, Josetty and Génnesis. Later, he married Patricia Martinez relationship about which there is not much information due to the short time that the couple maintained their romance.

There is not much information about Andrés Hurtado’s ex-wife, however, in some interviews he has given details about her. Patricia Martinez She is the mother of Luciana, the artist’s third daughter. She currently lives in Peru and has Law studies.

“She is a lawyer with two master’s degrees, she is a great mother,” she said about her ex-partner in an interview with La Karibeña.

In addition, on several occasions he has flattered the mother of his latest heiress during the broadcast of “Saturday with Andrés”, in which he called her “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

Andrés Hurtado does not usually share details about his marriage to Patricia Martinez but with his statements he suggested that the two no longer had a good relationship and that they used to argue. On one occasion, he assured that the lawyer “dumped him like a dog.”

However, the driver made it clear years later that they settled their differences and that he now maintains a good deal with his ex-wives for the sake of his little girl.

“I live in peace because with the mothers of my daughters I get along extraordinary,” he said.