Andrés Hurtado calls Dalia Durán a “diva”: “You stop bursting for a golden microphone” [VIDEO]

Without mincing words! The host Andrés Hurtado surprised all the viewers of his program by saying that John Kelvin’s ex-partner, Dalia Durán, has demands with the producer of his program.

As is known, the Cuban is working as a co-host in Because today is Saturday with Andrés a couple of months ago. She did not even rule out traveling with the well-known “Chibolín” to Mexico. “I have a contract with Andrés and the truth I am happy in the programbecause it is of a social nature and helps those who need it most,” he said at the time.

However, this time Andrés Hurtado confessed in the middle of an advertisement that Dalia Durán constantly demands that the producer of the Panamericana Televisión program buy her a golden microphone. “Your Dahlia to stop bursting with my producer who doesn’t buy your golden microphone… you know the pain it causes himyes,” he said.

Immediately, the Cuban responded: “How do you know? How do you know?” Second later, she decided to make the request publicly. “Anyway I want my micro before my contract ends“, confirming that she would have the air of a diva.

Dalia Durán assured that she is not a diva: “I am zero poses”

After host Andrés Hurtado said that Dalia Durán constantly asks the show’s producer to buy her a “golden micro,” the co-host spoke with The popular and stated that it was all a joke by the television presenter and stressed that she is not a diva.

“No poses, you give me whatever microphone it is and I’ll work for you just the same. It was a joke topic at the time. Everything is very cool with Andrés at work. When there are issues that have to be taken seriously, they are taken and we make jokes, but diva pose zero, there is no way. Not now, not never. I am very responsible with my work”, indicated the model.

Andrés Hurtado rebukes his producer and assures that he invoices 12 million soles

A spicy edition. The television host Andrés Hurtado surprised all his thousands of viewers after confessing the large amount of money that he bills on his program. However, he first had a heated argument with his general producer.

Now, the general producer of the Panamericana Televisión program answered the host Andrés Hurtado with everything. In this regard, the renowned presenter assured that in his television space he bills millions. “And if Mr. Leonardo Bigott General Manager of the channel wants me to withdraw from the program vLet’s see if you can invoice the 12 million that I invoice”sentenced.

Jorge Benavides remembers when he was confronted with “money” that Andrés Hurtado owes him

in a funny parody Jorge Benavidez He published on his Facebook account his meeting with Andrés Hurtado on his television program a long time ago.

In the images JB with his cast Gabriela Serpa, Dayanita and Danny Rosales caused laughter from all the guests. On that occasion, JB “will face Andrés Hurtado as a joke after the presenter tells him that he lent him money.

“Didn’t you tell me that you wanted to do the Wasap and you needed it for clothing?” says Andrés Hurtado and the comedian replies “Ahh, I’ve asked you for money… when are you going to pay me my 250 dollars? You told me, ‘Jorge, I’m waiting for you urgently at the Cortijo tap’.

Dalia Durán does not rule out traveling with Andrés Hurtado to Mexico

John Kelvin’s ex-partner, Dalia Durán, said she was happy to work with Andrés Hurtado and did not rule out accompanying the driver to Mexico if he asked her to.

“I have a contract with Andrés and the truth I am happy in the programbecause it is of a social nature and helps those who need it most, ”said John Kelvin’s wife to El Trome.

When asked if she would like to work on TV Azteca with Andrés Hurtado, the Cuban replied: “Andrés has not told me anything, but if they propose it to me, I don’t rule it out, I would have to evaluate it. Right now I am calm, focused on my personal projects and my children.”

Dalia Durán asks Melissa Paredes to reconsider after ampay

The co-host and model, Dalia Durán, was sad after the end of the marriage of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Gato Cuba after the model’s ampay with her dancer Anthony Aranda. For the Cuban there was disloyalty and she questioned that the former beauty queen had not ended her relationship with the soccer player before the scandal.

“I think that what she did was wrong, she must have cut it off in the bud and each one on their own, if they made the decision to live together, no one has to judge them, what was not right is that she is supported. She is his wife and is still married to the Cat”, indicated Dalia Durán in an interview with The popular.

Dalia Durán asks Melissa Paredes to reconsider.

Who is Dalia Durán and what “problems” does she have with Andrés Hurtado

John Kelvin’s ex-partner, Dalia Durán, has been working hard with Andres Hurtado In order to grow professionally, he did not even rule out traveling with the driver to Mexico to start a new television project. But, who is Dalia? Why is it said that she has “problems” with Andrés Hurtado? All these questions related to the Cuban we will answer today in The popular.

Dahlia Duran He is naturally from Cuba but more than 12 years ago he arrived in Peru without imagining that he would build a life here. In 2009, she began a relationship with singer John Kelvin and over the years they managed to have four children. When everything seemed to be going from strength to strength in the life of Dahliaan ampay of the singer with a young model is revealed, which led to their relationship entering into crisis.

Who is Dalia Duran?

Dalia Durán reappears on social networks after absence: “Soon with you”

The model Dahlia Duran she was away from her social networks for a long time; However, the time has come to let her followers know that she is willing to return to her activities.

Through Instagram, John Kelvin’s ex-partner explained the reason for her absence since last October 5 and pointed out that this was due to “delicate matters”. She also thanked everyone who cared about her, for what who promised them that he will soon be back.

Dalia Durán assures that she gets ahead with her children

Despite the situation in which she finds herself due to the preventive detention of John Kelvin, Dalia Durán assured that she continues with her children and with her there are many women in the same situation.

“I only look at today because we don’t know about tomorrow and the past is gone, all this is very hard for me because John and I have been through a lot of things and it hurts, but all of that helped me to face any situation, no matter how devastated I am. And as I say, I am not the only woman in this world who gets by with children.I feel blessed that at least one piece of bread is not lacking in our home,” she said.

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