Andrés Hurtado does not forget the ill-treatment of Guillermo Guille: “He destroyed my life”

Andrés Hurtado spoke of the resentment he holds towards Guillermo Guille, producer of programs such as ‘Risas y Salsa’, ‘Hello Gisela’ and ‘Risas de América’. The host of ‘Sábados con Andrés’ had as a guest Pastor Fabio Ubierna, son of the late television man, with whom he worked for many years.

With a seriousness that we rarely see in his Saturday program, Andrés confessed to feeling a great rejection of the Argentine who died on December 14, 2008, victim of a cardiac arrest at the age of 69 in Peru. “That man hurt me, he made me suffer a lot and I even tried to kill myself,” he revealed LIVE, causing concern for his guest.

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During the time that he worked by his side, in his beginnings as a comic actor, Andrew added that Guille T.He suffered ill-treatment that he will never be able to forget, despite the fact that more than a decade has passed. “He mistreated me, humiliated me and destroyed my life.” The pastor asked for forgiveness on behalf of his father, who was a well-known television producer in our country.

On the other hand, stolen debated with Pastor Ubierna for his religious beliefs that have caused great controversy among his followers and detractors. Despite everything, the host of Panamericana Televisión was respectful throughout the exclusive interview that lasted for much of his program.

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Andrés Hurtado: What characters did you play in ‘Risas y Salsa’?

On January 31, he turned 58 years old. the well-known artist Andres Hurtado He was born in Callao, from a very young age he felt attracted to television cameras and fulfilled his dream of being famous. After spending a long time in the United States, he returned to Peru and joined the comedy show ‘Risas y Salsa’ (1994-1996).

He imitated characters such as Keiko Fujimori (who was the first lady of Peru), the actress and television presenter Camucha Negrete, the children’s entertainer Yola Polastri, and fictional characters such as María Mercedes and Luz Clarita. Later in ‘Risas de América’ (1997-1999) she returned to parody charismatic characters that caused a sensation among viewers.