Andrés Hurtado excited after greeting Carlos Cacho on his birthday: “You know how much I love you”

A great friendship. The controversial driver Andrés Hurtado decided to use his social networks to dedicate an emotional message to the popular makeup artist Carlos Cacho for his birthday, this Monday, January 3. However, the ‘chibolin’ was quite moved.

As is known, weeks ago the makeup artist and the presenter of Panamericana Televisión had a strong confrontation in the last edition of Because today is Saturday with Andrés. However, everything would have been part of the ‘chacota’ leaving aside misunderstandings.

Now, Andrés Hurtado used his official Instagram account to reveal how much he appreciates his best friend Carlos Cacho. It should be noted that the makeup artist also has a close relationship with Josetty Hurtado, daughter of the television host.

“Today I celebrate in style the birthday of my friend, my brother, the one and only beauty Czar: @cachomakeup. You know how much I love and respect you, as well as that I will always appreciate your loyalty, your brilliant sense of humor, your details and that you have recognized to the whole of Peru THAT YOU LOVE ME MORE than your other friends “, reads his post.

“Happy birthday, Zar, I am proud of you, precious Carlitos. In your own wise words, it is no coincidence that our mothers in heaven bear the same name: we are brothers, we are Cosmic beings,” he added.

Andrés Hurtado received “The Golden Star Awards 2021” award

The well-known entertainer Andres Hurtado could not hide his emotion when he received the international award “The Golden Star Awards 2021” from the Altamira Corporation and the Qualifying Advisory Committee, chaired by the Lic. María Teresa García“The backbone of my program is and will be social assistance for those most in need,” said the host of the program “Because today is Saturday with Andrés.”

In a glamorous and imposing night, Andrés Hurtado was distinguished in the Responsibility and Social Assistance category with a medal, diploma and trophy. “It is a high honor to receive this important award that deeply honors me and motivates me to continue on the right path,” said the figure from Panamericana Televisión.