Andrés Hurtado launches controversial comment LIVE: “Ladies, put on ice water” [VIDEO]

Once again, Andrés Hurtado is in the eye of the storm for his controversial comments on his LIVE program. On this occasion he stated that the ladies in his audience arrive at his television set “excited” and even gave them advice.

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After the visit of two friends who were part of his program ‘Saturday with Andrés’, the ladies in the audience shouted excitedly for having ‘born love’ on Panamericana Televisión. “The public in their homes will say ‘Why are these ladies like this?’

In this sense, Andrés Hurtado was encouraged to give advice to his “Señitos” who arrive early on Saturday to Saturday to his program just to see him in person. “Do an enema, put on ice water, and you scream, you don’t know each other. Drink water”

Finally, as a joke, the former comedian indicated that his followers ask about the behavior of his audience. “On the street they ask me: ‘Are they crazy?’ I tell them that they don’t act like that in the commercial court,” he added LIVE.

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Does Andrés Hurtado respond to Magaly Medina?: “I have never cared what they say about me”

Andrés Hurtado would have responded to Magaly Medina after receiving a call from a viewer from Callao, who applauded and congratulated her for her work on television. “I admire you a lot because you help everyone without obligation. You are a very good person and you don’t pay attention to what they say about you,” said the lady.

Given this, he agreed and responded with everything in his Saturday space. “It’s true, I’ve never been interested in what people think of me. Thank you for your words, it’s true, what you say.” Could it have been a hint for Magaly Medina, who would have blamed him for the departure of Rosana Cave of Pan American?