Andrés Hurtado mentions Urraca LIVE: “I don’t want to see them in Magaly” [VIDEO]

Like someone who doesn’t want the thing, Andrés Hurtado again mentioned Magaly Medina on his Saturday show. What happened? He took advantage of the visit of two friends who visited her program as part of the public and asked them not to be protected by the “Urraca” cameras.

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The driver Magaly Medina, on October 2, blamed him for the departure of Roxanne Cave from ‘Panorama’. “Rumors suggest that she would have been very annoyed by the complaints made in the program of beto ortiz about this performance Andres Hurtado along with President Castillo who offered millions of aid to children with cancer and which turned out to be a simple marketing trick.

After these statements, the Panamericana figure had not commented on her until today, October 8. In her program LIVE she mentioned the arch enemy of Gisela Valcarcelafter the visit of two young people who were part of his audience.

“I’m a pimp, I love gossip,” he said at the beginning to find out if they were more than friends. “They are already on television, so I do not want to see them in Magaly (Medina). If she supports them, it is not my problem,” added the father of Josetty.

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Andrés Hurtado: Magaly Medina criticizes López Aliaga for appearing in ‘Saturday with Andrés’: “Suddenly there is money under the table”

Magaly Medina questioned the current mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, for visiting Andrés Hurtado’s program during his candidacy. “He has appeared since July, it will not be the payment to invite the candidates to his program so many times, this lends itself to investigations”.

Then a question was asked LIVE: “Andrés Hurtado would he be receiving money from the parties or politicians to receive invitations for every Saturday? It occurs to me to think about it. What is the interest of inviting them, if not it is a political program, if it is of social good, pays homage to everyone, suddenly to money under the table”.