Andrés Hurtado rebukes Alfredo Benavides for his return to JB on ATV: “My people loved you and you left”

Andrés Hurtado continues to show himself without filters and this time he turned the television set of ‘Because today is Saturday with Andrés‘, to be able to tell him some things that he had kept from Alfredo Benavides in his face and in front of his audience. It was all because the comic actor left Panamericana TV to shine in JB on ATVs with his brother, the comedian Jorge Benavides. How did the comedian react?

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“It makes me angry that you left, because you are an imbe ***, I tell you. You were an imbe ***, why? Because your brother called you from the front, because Carlos Vílchez went to 4, because you left Because you left me here, these people loved you,” he explained. Andres Hurtado to Alfredo Benavides in his show last week, where he invited several figures from channel 9.

Previously, the interpreter of ‘Niño Alfredito’ dedicated a few words to the presenter. “So you have fed me, right? I admired you, you are a person who helps socially. You can never get in your face when you give someone a plate of food,” he argued.

The tense dialogue was taken as a catharsis between the two television figures and laughter was heard on the set when Alfredo returned to his seat to give the pass to another JB figure on ATV.

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Jorge Benavides responded to Andrés Hurtado for talking about Carlos Vílchez

The businessman and host of Panamericana TV, Andrés Hurtado, was reminded of his past for mentioning the change of channel of Carlos Vílchez in his program.

“I send greetings to my friend Carlos Vilchez which actually began by straightening nails, just as you began by washing fish guts,” said Jorge Benavides this Saturday the 18th on the Hurtado program.