Andrés Hurtado received The Golden Star Awards 2021: “It deeply honors me”

The presenter of Because today is Saturday with Andrés shared in his social networks very proud the award that The Golden Star Awards 2021 received from the Altamira Corporation and the Qualifying Advisory Committee. The Panamericana television figure won an important award in the Social Responsibility and Social Assistance Category.

Through his Instagram account, the driver Andres Hurtado He showed off his award, a medal and a diploma. He was very smiling and accompanied the photograph with an extensive post in which he details the distinction he received.

“From Villa Cosentino del Fundo Odría in Surco, The Golden Star Awards 2021 Lima, where I had the high honor of receiving the medal, diploma and trophy in the Social Responsibility and Social Assistance Category”, reads at the beginning of the post.

“Thanks to María Teresa García to Anita Altamirano, visionary founders and Board of Directors of the VIP Diplomática Empresarial Magazine, for this important award that deeply honors me and only motivates me to continue on the right path, with reason and the backbone of Sábado con Andrés: Social aid to our most needy Peruvian brothers ”, added.

The presenter Andrés Hurtado filled with praise to the exchica reality Rosángela Espinoza who raised the glass in “El gran bailando”. The famous Peruvians who also participated were Dorita Orbegoso, Paula Arias, ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe and Roberto Martínez.

“You are a resounding success. (I) watched your videos on TikTok in Los Angeles, I’ve been your fan since you came in dancing bachata, how cute, very sexy, very elegant, ”Andrés began by saying, but was interrupted by Rosángela herself.