Andrés Hurtado “sends flowers” to Mark Vito for his new physique: “It is fashion, the trend of Peru”

The TV host of the show ‘Saturday with Andrés’, Andrés Hurtado, joined the show business people who have been impacted by the physical transformation that Mark Vito Villanella, ex-husband of the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, has had. It turns out that the American has just shown his biceps as a result of the strong exercise.

Given this, the program “JB en ATV” will make a parody about the physical transformation he had Mark Vito and several will be those who dress and try to look like him, among them Andres Hurtado who has been invited to the Jorge Benavides program to do this funny television sketch.

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Through his Instagram account, Andres Hurtado showed her look in style Mark Vito Villanella, who has become a trend due to his new appearance and it is so that the host of Panamericana Televisión did not hesitate to throw flowers at him by saying: “We are all Mark, it is fashion, the trend of Peru. Thank you Mark.”

But the thing did not stop there, because in the video of Andres Hurtado, he is also heard saying: “ok Mark thanks for training all of us, the whole country. Where is your gym?”. Meanwhile, many Peruvians are already counting down the hours to enjoy the fun sketch that will be shown on the Jorge Benavides program, ‘JB en ATV’.

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Will Mark Vito be in Latina?

After the transformation of Mark Vito, Rodrigo González “Peluchín” revealed that Mark Vito would apparently be in a new Latina program, thus burning the scoop on the San Felipe channel. “I tell you that Latina is going to launch a show that will be called the Great Chef that will be the competition of Gisela’s program. And Mark Vito It will be one,” he said.

Next, Rodrigo González gave more details than his informants would have given him. “I swear on my mother. It’s a real fact. It’s going to come out from Monday to Friday after ‘Duelo de Campeones,'” added the driver of “Amor y Fuego” to the surprise of Gigi Miter.