Andrés Hurtado would have left Panamericana to be the new ATV jale: “Prepared”

The controversial television host Andres Hurtado She is one of the public figures that causes reactions in her public and in the users of social networks with her peculiar comments and actions in front of the small screen. Now, the artist left many with their mouths open after he announced that he will be the new pull of the channel ATV. Left your show?

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This Wednesday, February 2, the presenter of Because today is Saturday with Andrés He used his official Instagram account to share some photos that caught the attention of his fans as he showed off at the channel 9 facilities with a large banner behind him while posing quite happily, confirming his possible entry into the television house.

It should be noted that Andres Hurtado has not given any prior announcement about leaving Pan American Televisionbut on some occasions he has lashed out at his channel for its technical failures: “Why did I come back, I had to go to another channel,” he said a few weeks ago in full LIVE program.

Now, the public figure generated a series of reactions after the description of his post on his social network: “Prepared to conquer,” he wrote. Immediately the users commented: “And channel 5?”, “Oh excellent, you will be the emperor”, “What? Are you serious? The best”, were some comments.

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Andrés Hurtado and the time he attacked channel 5 studio chief

Just a few days ago, Andres Hurtado He made his viewers and his audience on set experience an uncomfortable moment after he exposed the mistakes that his head of study at Panamericana Televisión would have made. Through television cameras, the driver can be seen totally outraged by the failures and calls for immediate solutions.

“I asked them to please rehearse and have the sound, but the sound does not help me, how do I do it? I am in a live program, how do I solve it? Mr. Gamarra did not come to listen to his sound, he should be here. Of course, he as the head of the television studio should come here and see what the sound problem is. I am a driver and I think the public deserves respect and so do I,” he said.