Andrés Velasco: “José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric are tributaries of the Chicago Boys”

By Sofía Aravena. Third

While the experts analyze the economic programs of those who have a greater chance of going to the ballot, the former Minister of Finance Andres Velasco indicated that the advisers of both applicants to La Moneda have many coincidences with the Chicago Boys.

“If I read the current climate from Boric and Kast’s advisers they remind me of the Chicago Boys. The Chicago Boys went to the US to study for a year at the University of Chicago. They took a course that spoke of the virtues of the market. They never took second-year courses that talked about market failures, imbalances, problems, and they came to Chile to put into practice a religious creed, in which everything was fixed at the push of a button, and that happens with candidacies Boric and Kast, ”said the former minister in an interview on the Chilean radio station Pauta.

And he added that “both are tributaries of the Chicago Boys, they think that everything is fixed at the touch of a button. In the case of Kast, dismantling the State, and in the case of Boric, giving full responsibility for everything to the State. The truth is that this is a creed, it is not a responsible State policy ”.

On the other hand, the economist and former secretary of state also questioned the numbers put on the table by both presidential candidates, who have been leading opinion polls for weeks. In his opinion, both Boric and Kast have fanciful economic proposals.

“If Boric’s numbers are fanciful, Kast’s numbers are even more fanciful, because there’s not even an intellectual attempt to say, ‘Look, we’re going to do such a thing, we’re going to take such a step. We’re going to close the tax gap somehow. ‘ Everything is left to animal-business spirits and economic growth.

The truth is that imagining that there could be such a growth that magically solves all the fiscal problems of Chile, let’s say it rightly, is not a fantasy, it is a fiction that is absolutely detached from what may happen in our country, “said Velasco.

Lastly, he emphasized that the tax reform proposed by the Approve Dignity candidate is unfeasible.

“With all due respect I say it, the numbers of the Gabriel boric they are totally and completely fanciful, they don’t fit anywhere. There is no country in human history that has raised 8.5 points of GDP through the types of instrument that they propose ”, assured.

“In fact, the candidacy of Yasna Provoste (Democracia Cristiana) proposes some similar tax instruments; however, it comes to the conclusion that it collects much less because Provoste’s candidacy has reasonable, plausible estimates, “added the economist, who together with his party, Ciudadanos, is supporting the aspiration of Senator DC.

Velasco added that with Boric, “the Chilean economy would almost certainly grow even less. What increases in tax collection will be lost due to growth. That program does not close, it is not viable ”. And he pointed out that in his pension proposal “what is said in the text is very vague.”

“It is said that any new contribution by affiliates goes to a common fund. With what criteria does this common fund distribute? With what criteria is it handled? There is a set of issues that are simply not addressed, “he added.

The first round of the presidential elections in Chile will be this Sunday, November 21, along with those of deputies, senators and regional councilors. In the event that no candidate reaches 40% of the votes, the ballot will be on December 19.

Some of the controversies carried out by the far-right José Antonio Kast and the name of the leftist Gabriel Boric’s partner were some of the most sought-after issues by Internet users on Google about the candidates for the presidential elections in Chile this Sunday.

The tense moments starring Kast and the journalist Macarena Pizarro during the last television debate of the campaign they were one of the most sought after items.

Regarding Gabriel Boric, during the last seven days, the name of the candidate’s partner, Irina Karamanos It has been part of the search interest of users in Chile.