Andrés Wiese and Melania Urbina: Learn about their romance and the reasons for their breakup

The renowned national artist Andrés Wiese is away from scandals and remains focused on his acting career. It even has completed several projects for television and film productions, however, it has not yet been confirmed if it will be part of the cast of the new season of Al fondo hay Sitio, a fact that keeps fans concerned.

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In the only area that he would not be doing very well is in love, because after his relationship with Melania Urbina, apparently his partners were not so long-lasting. Therefore, today in El Popular we will remember his love story that ignored stereotypes regarding ages.

This is how the relationship between Andrés Wiese and Melania Urbina began

The love story between Melania and Andrés It began during a trip to the jungle they had when they were both working on the series Al fondo hay Sitio.

Being co-workers made their relationship stronger and they ignored the criticism they received for the age difference, since she is 8 years older.

Although they always decided to keep their romance away from the media, they could not achieve it because they were highly recognized characters by the production of América Televisión.

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Why did Andrés and Melania break up?

In 2015, Andrés and Melania They decided to make their separation public through a publication on their social networks, in which they claimed that they had ended several weeks ago.

“Hi everyone. Those who know us know that we do not usually talk about our private life and before speculation is generated and out of respect for everyone, we want to inform you that for several weeks we decided, by mutual agreement, to close a very beautiful stage in our lives and give for our relationship ended, “the actor’s post reads.

Although both did not reveal the reasons for their breakup, they made it clear that it was not due to an infidelity and detailed that they were still friends.

How many partners did Andrés Wiese have?

The first couple that the actor met Andrew WIese It was Melania Urbina, but after their separation in 2015, she began a relationship with the influencer Thaiss Felman although their relationship did not last long. According to Rodrigo González, the young woman decided to step aside after Mayra Couto publicly denounced him.

After the last event, he was not met by another formal partner, only a time later he was supported by the actress Andrea Luna, Pietro Sibille’s ex-partner, in the United States.

How old is Andrés Wiese?

The famous Peruvian actor Andrés Wiese was born on December 16, 1983, so today he is 37 years old and is a few days away from celebrating his birthday number 38. Let us remember that his debut on television was in 2008 on la telenovela called ‘La Pre’, in which the renowned singer Deyvis Orosco also worked.

7 facts about Andrés Wiese

  • His grandfather was Augusto Felipe Wiese de Osma, a renowned banker.
  • Before becoming an actor, he was a model.
  • He made his television debut in 2008 in La Pre.
  • His rise to fame was made in 2009 with Al fondo hay Sitio.
  • Andrés enjoys traveling alone.
  • He participated for the first time in the cinema with the film At 40.
  • He studied architecture at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.

Andrés against street harassment

The actor Andres Wiese During an interview with Anahí de Cárdenas, she was categorically against street harassment and assured that she felt ashamed when her friends molested girls.

“Since I was a child, I have always felt very ashamed when I have been with a group of male friends and a girl has passed by and they have started to whistle, hesitate, bother. I have felt ashamed and wanting to say ‘shut up’ ”, expressed the artist.

Andrés Wiese would not return to At the bottom there is room and Nicola Porcella would be his replacement

If the return of In the background there is room, due to the situation between Andres Wiese and Mayra Couto, Some replacements are already being considered for him according to a local newspaper, the most voiced being Nicola Porcella, who has already participated in other productions.

As is known, the popular reality boy was in I’ll find you again with Alondra García Miró, he recently debuted at La Academia in a reunion with his ex-partner Angie Arizaga, which sparked.

Andrés Wiese thought he would never sign Tula’s autograph

The Peruvian actor got nervous when he signed a photo of Tula Rodríguez and she trolled him live. What did he say?

“I must say that never in my life did I think that I was going to autograph Tula?”, Were the first words Andrés said, but he was trolled live by his nerves: “Don’t tell me that you also had my poster?”.

Andrés Wiese reappears LIVE on television with his dog Menta

This is how Andrés Wiese showed himself after appearing on television again, but this time next to his best friend, that is, his dog Mint on the set In everyone’s mouth where he stole everyone’s glances. “Thank you for allowing me to come with her, first of all, I want to explain that today is my dad’s birthday and I have lunch here so I didn’t want to leave her alone for so many hours. Tula has worked with us in “Board of neighbors” and knows that it has been part of the productionShe has a character and her name is Josefina, “he gratefully mentioned.

In addition, he added that thanks to the care he took with his pet, his companions were happy to have the dog with them: “He accompanied us almost throughout the recording yearIt has made the team happy, the production people and it makes my life happy. “” We know what mind means to you and how much you love it, “Tula mentioned before giving way to the special report on Andrés and his new dog.

Andrés Wiese was happy to have been received with his conceited.