Andrés Wiese attends a wedding after breaking up with Janick Maceta, and gets nostalgic at the ceremony

He is moved at a wedding. The actor Andrés Wiese reappeared in networks from the marriage of a family that, apparently, would have come true in Argentina, according to his latest publications. The remembered ‘Nicolás de las Casas’ from the series ‘At the bottom there is room’ He is single again after ending his romance with the former beauty queen, Janick Maceta.

The strong rumors were unleashed more than a month ago: Andrés and Janick would no longer be a couple after a year together. “Never ignore your intuition, prayer is your voice, intuition is God’s response,” was the phrase that the former Miss Peru shared amid speculation about the end of the relationship. He was not far behind and wrote a forceful message. What did he say?

YOU CAN SEE: Janick Maceta and his powerful message after rumors of separation from Andrés Wiese: “Never ignore your intuition”

“We are all broken inside and we have to work on healing and caring for our interior. Cultivate the essence more than the appearance,” published the well-known ‘Ricolas’ who was nominated for the ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces’ for the third year in a row. Today, the handsome 39-year-old actor boasted his presence at a marriage of Belu and Clau, who would be his relatives.

“Wedding day” (Wedding day)”, published Wiese in his story of Instagram. Apparently, he was alone at the ceremony, as he recorded himself. In another clip, she recorded the moment when the couple becomes husband and wife. She placed an emotional emoji, with her eyes full of tears, showing that she was moved at the precise moment they said ‘yes’. Sensitive!

YOU CAN SEE: Andrés Wiese would have sent a forceful message to Janick Maceta: “More essence than appearance”