Andrés Wiese breaks after visiting Gustavo Cerati’s grave in Argentina: “My musical idol”

One of the wishes that the actor had Andres Wiese on his agenda and what he was able to accomplish was to visit the grave of Gustavo Ceratileader of the legendary Argentine rock band soda Stereo. the remembered Nicholas of the Houses of “There is room in the background” went up Argentina to say goodbye to whom he has always considered his “musical idol”.

Through a video on his account TikTok, Wiese he showed the path he made to finally arrive at the cemetery the Chacarita, in Buenos Aireswhere are the remains of the one who led one of the most listened to rock bands and, for many, references on the continent.

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What did Andrés Wiese’s publication say?

“A yellow flower, a bit of music and a few tears of emotion for my musical idol. I was finally able to say goodbye to you… bye and thank you, Gustavo“, wrote the popular ‘Ricolás’ in the publication accompanied by the video. The actor entered the pavilion Our Lady of Mercy quite moved, because he was able to say goodbye in his own way to ‘Gus’, with a couple of yellow flowers, as he pointed out in his description.

What characterizes the video shared by Andrés Wiese?

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The video has the song “Bye” of Gustavo Ceratisong from one of his solo albums that he released in 2006, a year before the last reunion of soda Stereo. The theme was written with his son Benedictwho used the final phrase of this song when Gustavo He left us in 2014. It has more than 80,000 reproductions and more than 15,000 likes. With this gesture, Wiese He earned the admiration of his followers.

Users commented phrases like “How nice, Andrew“, “Only a true fan reaches the grave of Cerati and cries” and “You represent the emotion of all of us who are lovers of good music”. Wiese tours in Buenos Aires since a few days.