Andrés Wiese shares a mysterious message after rumors of romance with Janick Maceta

Andres Wiese and Janick Maceta are on everyone’s lips, as it is speculated that they would be flirting. On Wednesday, January 12, Amor y fuego presented a note in which it was confirmed that there has been a great rapprochement on social networks between the two characters since December 2021. After the dissemination of these tests, the actor from Al fondo hay Sitio decided to comment on through Instagram.

In the aforementioned publication, the remembered ‘Nicolás De las Casas’ shared a mysterious message with which he made it clear that he is starting a new stage in his life. “We all have the right to start over” he wrote, along with a photo in which he looks serious and somewhat thoughtful.

Upon seeing said post, which already has more than 50,000 ‘likes’, one of his followers commented to Andrew With Janick. Hopefully they formalize ”.

Currently, Andrés Wiese is dedicated to his work as part of the cast of the soap opera Junta de Neighbors, while Janick Flowerpot is focused one hundred percent on his role as a jury in I am, great international battles.

In the edition of this Wednesday, January 12, Amor y fuego made it clear that Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese have had an approach on social networks since December 2021.

Through a report, it could be seen that the former Miss Peru and the famous actor have been liking each other’s publications.

Janick Maceta responded to rumors about an alleged affair with actor Andrés Wiese during a telephone communication with Amor y fuego.

“You know that I can not testify for the program, I am with another house, but anyway I appreciate the intention of your call,” said the jury of I am.