Andrés Wiese: They spread chats of alleged sexting with a fan, where he would deny Janick Maceta [VIDEO]

Night came again. Andrés Wiese is traveling with Janick Maceta in Thailand, enjoying a honeymoon together despite not having made their romance official, and now he has been involved in a new controversy by spreading chats that leave him very badly off.

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More than a year ago, different young people came out to say that the actor had sent them intimate content without being asked, and now a new fan would have made a complaint that was spread by the account ‘Misses del Perú’ (@MissesDelPeruOf), of high-caliber conversations between the two.

“Ummm, seriously there is a man who does this to our Janick Maceta. Ummm, Andres Wiese is handsome, but she deserves something better than this 3nfrmito”, can be read as a description of the content they presented on social networks.

In the shared images you can read statements that clearly show an intimate aspect. “We have slept late”, says the woman and the answer of Andres Wiese is: “But I slept well”, to which she replies: “I also slept well”. Finally, he says the following: “You’re coming… or you’re lazy.”

However, what most caught the attention of the material that, Magaly TV La Firme made public in his edition last night, Tuesday, March 29, was that even the remembered ‘Ricolás’ would have denied his affair with Janick Maceta. “She does not want to report him, she was just laughing at how they see Janick’s face. On top of that, Andrés told her that he was not with Janick, that’s why she went to her apartment,” he read.

These conversations would have taken place on March 19, just two days before Andrés Wiese traveled to Thailand with the former beauty queen, according to his immigration record. And now?

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Andrés Wiese after flirting with Janick Maceta: “We all have the right to start over”

Let’s remember that Andres Wiese He had a very complicated year last 2021 after being denounced by a minor and by his former partner, Mayra Couto, for alleged sexual harassment and bullying, as well as starring in a controversial ampay that led him to be branded as ‘apple of discord’ , but now he would be trying to rebuild his life with Janick Maceta, and he would have shown it.

Without mincing words, the actor used his official Facebook account to share a photo of himself with a curious message that would confirm his rapprochement with Janick Maceta due to its content. “We all have the right to start over”, was what he said in the description, announcing that she would be giving herself a new opportunity in love.